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August 1998

Limavady overrun by Hooligans?
Handicapped anglers complain that they can't use the special area set aside for them, because able bodied anglers not only edge them out, but cover the place with rubbish as well. And the police are stepping up patrols of the Edenmore Road area, because youngsters as young as eight are molesting elderly people
The strongest man in Ireland
I always believed David Campbell to be the strongest man in the area, but they've held a competition in Dungiven and John O'Neill from Faughanvale won the event.

I was planning to include a picture of his biceps, but this page is too small, so here is a picture of one of mine.

House prices
House prices in Limavady have risen by 10% this year. This compares with just under 4.5% in the rest of the province. Apparently the average price of a house in Limavady is now 58 333 pound.
Limavady United are at it again
The boys took the lead against Ballyclare Comrades, but then lost 4:2. If this goes on I will have to stop reporting these results.
The Omagh demonstration
Limavady honours the victims of the Omagh bomb
Today, on the 22nd of August, Limavady took part in an all Ireland demonstration of sympathy for the dead and wounded of the Omagh bomb. Various churches held special services and there were public meetings at the war memorial and in Market Street.

Most people seem to have come to Market Street. All the shops were closed and a one minute silence was observed. Some former students of the Limavady Technical College were hurt by the blast, and I send them my best wishes.

Irish National Sheepdog trials
These were held in Myroe and the weather was terrible. Two hundred brave men and their dogs were however not put off and competed furiously. The sheep didn't have the option and had to turn up, like it or not.

The winner was Moss from Ballybofey with a little bit of help from Tommy Long.

Orange is at it again
Orange, the mobile phone people, are still plastering the area with ugly transmitting masts. This time they want to improve the landscape around Benedy, near Dungiven.

Some of the local population are objecting, and rightly so.

Limavady College
That splendid institution for further and higher education is open for business again, in other words, the holidays are over. Students will book in next week, and from then on it will be work, work, work.
Bands roam Limavady
Today on the 29th the Black Preceptory marched through Limavady. The weather was splendid and the town was full of country folk here to watch the bands.

The fire brigade were selling hamburgers from inside the fire station.

Fire house cooks
Where the fire engines are is anyone's guess. Witty people who walked by saying: "Hey boys, there's a fire down the road" were offered a nice cold shoulder.

Yesterday the police went round telling all the shop keepers that there would be no road-side parking in the town today and they must have spent half the night placing yellow no-parking cones everywhere. After the Omagh bomb that was probably a good idea.

I am proud to report that Limavady's citizens have responded with their usual tolerance and respect for traffic regulations. The picture below was taken at around 12 o'clock today. Most of the no-parking cones seem to have been stolen. (Everyone had a good time and nothing dangerous happened.)

No parking in Limavady


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