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December 2000

Limavady Christmas Lights  

The News Browser, sparing no expense, equipped its star reporter with umbrella, earplugs and camera and sent him to take a look at the centre of our little town. It was a silent, wet and windy late afternoon everywhere except in the centre of town, where it was wet, windy and very noisy indeed.

Our reporter took the photograph on the right of the Christmas lights in Market Street. Notice the hundreds of extra shoppers that the noisy music has tempted to this locality. Quotes our now slightly deaf man on the spot: "The umbrella worked fine but we need stronger ear plugs."

Market Street with Christmas lights and very few people
Several young men on several old chairs Goings-on in Market Street  

Many people in Limavady will do anything for a laugh and most of the others are quite willing to watch and supply the applause and laughter demanded by the occasion.

These agile young men were persuaded by a total stranger wearing a yellow shirt to do whatever they are doing and most of the Market Street shoppers watch in noisy amazement as the show unfolded. This is thanks to those nice people in the council hiring various street entertainers, who can make a Saturday walk down Market Street quite entertaining at times.

The Market Yard revisited  

This tale has been going on for so long that one should maybe call the place the "Market mile" by now. For recent readers and those not very up-to-date in local politics there follows a short explanation.

The market yard is a very old institution. After all, Limavady has always been a market town and a market town is not a market town unless it has at least one market yard. This one is on a prime site, overlooking both the River Roe and the Rough Fort. Recently it has come to the attention of several interest groups in the town.

    There are those that say that in order to save all those struggling small traders in the centre of town, what is needed is obviously another large supermarket on a prime site.

    There are others who think that this is like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop and that all the large supermarkets already in town would be better off close to bankruptcy.

    There are also the farmers, who held a televised tractor demonstration this Monday (4th December) who say: "We want to keep our market yard, please".

    Then there is the 'News Browser' who thinks that a nice park with a restaurant and possibly a book shop would be just the ticket.

To make matters more complicated still: The council has already promised the market yard to a largish un-named outfit, but this company has not taken up the offer as yet. The unknown firm blames a nice old lady for this. They say that she should have sold her house to them even though she wisely refused to do so because she has lived there for the last 75 years or so and has grown to like her garden.

What happens next is anyone's guess but further developments are eagerly awaited.

Editor's note. This is all so complicated that I wish I had never started this article. There is not even room for the usual picture.

The Tech's Christmas Parade  

Today, the 7th of the month, the students of the Technical College had their annual charity day, proceeds of which go to various local charities. The highlight was the fancy dress parade through the town. Amazed shoppers had never seen so many santas on one spot at the same time in their lives before. A surprised looking Mexican was heard to mutter: "Am I in Santa Fe?"

The day was beautiful and everyone enjoyed it. Let's hope there will be many more like it.

A Santa Claus parade
A crazy traffic sign
Pedestrians follow the arrow
Where to go next  

The Roe Valley is well known for its sometimes eccentric advice to the mobile public, be it simple traffic signs or wickedly placed warnings of impending clifftop doom and this paper has always delighted in bringing jewels of this genre to the attention of the decerning public.

You can find this pedestrian-re-direction-sign just outside - you've guessed it - the fire station. It leaves the bemused pedestrian with three choices:

  • Double back and go home.
  • Take a long-cut via Linenhall Street.
  • Ignore it like all the other traffic regulations in town.
The latter won hands down.
A sing song for the end of the year
Local good will  
Students and staff at Limavady college celebrated their annual Christmas sing song this week and the occasion was used to distribute the money raised by the recent college charity day to those local charities which had been nominated by the students.

A record £3300 had been removed from the helpful local public that day and thanks a lot to all of them. To the students we can only say: Well done and see some of you next year for more of the same.

Fixing a Road  

If you were working in the planning offices of the D.O.E. and had to arrange to fix the road on a very narrow bridge leading into a busy little town, what time would you pick? Correct! The Friday before Christmas and try and make it last for the whole day.

The traffic queue must have stretched to Ballykelly, whereas the tempers of the drivers were shorter even than the foresight of the above planners.

The Derry road on a bad day
The Derry Road on Friday
Two huge ladies
Limavady's Population Growth  

The editor of this esteemed newspaper couldn't help but wonder about the size of some of the people in our little town. Walking down Catherine Street on Saturday he nearly bumped into these young ladies.

Considering their size and dress sense, they were quite nice about it, performed a little song and ambled towards Market Street where no doubt they caused a few sore necks.

A late white Christmas  

Who would have thought it possible?

At the very last minute and just in time for the News Browser to claim another journalistic first, it started to snow in Limavady. And this on the second day of the Christmas holidays!

However, this paper would like to warn all prospective winter sport optimists: Even though Downhill is only a few miles away, the steep hills of Benevenagh have never been famed as a ski slope because the snow tends to linger for a fractionally shorter time than it takes the average winter sport fanatic to find out where Limavady is.

But isn't it a pretty sight?

Snow in Limavady
A snow bound Country Park
A cold Spell

To everyone's surprise the wintry weather has not only persisted but has been improved upon. Most of the Valley is covered in more than four inches of snow and the landscape is even prettier than usual around this time of the year.

The roads in town are covered with brown sludge and there is a noticeable reduction in traffic. One advantage of all this snow is that one can't see the double yellow lines any more, so parking is even more convenient than usual.

The Country Park looks beautiful. The Roe is starting to freeze over and should be quite a sight once all this snow starts to melt. There are few people to be seen. Apart from a tall couple walking a small border collie, the place is deserted.

The Roe Valley News Browser  
wishes all its readers around the planet  
A Happy and a Prosperous New Year.
A cold robin

Limavady 0 Ards 0

Limavady had a good result away to Ards in the league with an impressive 0-0 draw. Ards had the best chance of the game with Peter Lowry making Mark McDevitt pull off a excellent save to stop the ball ending up in the net.

Limavady's on-loan striker Russell Kerr didn't have a good day and just couldn't get on to the end of Micheal Dillon's cross in the 37th minute, and then just before half-time Dillon again had a chance to put Limavady in the lead with his shot being dealt with well by Ards keeper Inglis.

Ards pick up their game in the second half with another to great chance falling to Lowry and O'Brien.

The game ending 0-0, another great result for Limavady

Gareth Houston

On Saturday the 9th, Limavady lost 0:1 to Larne at home


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