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December 2005

Roadworks Roadworks in Aghanloo  

Comparatively massive roadworks are progressing near the junction of the Aghanloo and Freehall roads. The road service has been futtering around that area, on and off, for weeks. Let's hope they'll finish it this time.

A dog with mocrophones The Newsbrowser on BBC Radio Ulster  

Regular readers of this irregular publication will be astonished to hear that the Newsbrowser is to feature in the next edition of the popular early morning programme "Your Place and Mine" on the 10th of December at around 7:45 in the (early) morning.

Helen Mark, the program's star reporter for the Roe Valley came personally. She planned to interview our famous newshound Tudor, but he was only prepared to talk about the outer covering of tree trunks - repeatedly and at great volume.

Finally our editor had to step in and give the interview himself. When it was all over and Tudor was asked to explain himself he complained: "They didn't even have a black and white microphone".

Click this link for an archive of the recording

Brian's new building Building Works  

This pile of rubble is all that is left of Brian Brown's former offices in Catherine Street. Limavady's renewal is progressing at an ever-accelerating rate.

The building had been empty for quite a while - presumably it had too many windows.

John sawing a tree The Screech of Music  

It's Christmas time again. In Limavady's town centre this unfortunately means that loud blaring music echoes through the streets. This racket is produced by a multitude of decrepit loudspeakers hanging from every lamppost. We are not quite certain why this is done. Presumably someone is trying to tell the shoppers: "Don't shop here, go to Lidl's or Tesco's - it is much quieter there". Whoever is responsible for this torture has obviously never heard the words: "Silent night".

After the din in Market Street it is quite wonderful to nip to the Connell Street car park and listen to the relaxing sounds of John's chainsaw as he customises his silent Christmas trees.

The end of the show The End of The Show  

Another piece of Limavady history has disappeared: The Roe Cinema is no more. It's a long time since a moving picture has been seen in the old place and Tesco's have finally knocked the building down to make room for their new supermarket - a sign of the times.

Our Hollywood correspondent informs us that Limavady once had two cinemas - the Regal and the Roe. Because the two establishments changed their programme on alternate days, a clever youngster could see six different movies a week - unless there was a long-running show. This tended to upset the smooth running of this clever entertainment scheme.

At that time you only had to pay eightpence for the cheapest seat in the Regal and it was a common trick to buy the ticket but sit in the shilling seats, which had a much better view. This worked well unless Dessie got suspicious and moved you.

How times have changed!

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