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December 2006

A fishy dishy Languishing on lidl langoustines  

A well-known local supermarket is currently selling frozen lobsters and langoustines at a very tempting price. The lobsters are cooked and frozen and once released from their icy condition make a wonderful snack.

Not all is as straight forward with the other lot. A langoustine is a sort of prawn in full dress uniform and once they are unfrozen they look pink and delicious. However - unfortunately they are not cooked, but this fact is not immediately obvious. Even though these shellfish were caught and packed in Scotland, the printing on the packaging is ideal for anybody on this planet as long as they understand either Italian or Spanish.

Luckily our famous spellchecker understands both languages and her advice is: Don't eat the things unless you cook them first for five minutes in slightly salted water. After that they are not only delicious, but entirely digestible.

A fishy dishy A noisy Christmas  

The annual campaign to drive shoppers from the centre of town has started with brilliant success. Pop music is blaring from all directions and a walk up Main Street into Market Street is like an excursion into Bedlam. Apparently it has been decided that everyone shall like this.

Not all is lost, however. Music lovers can avoid the cacophony and shop in either Lidl's or Tesco's - where it is wonderfully quiet.

We asked our editor for one of his pithy comments, but he just kept on shouting: "What?" ... "What?"

A missing house
Urban renewal  

Limavady's old houses get knocked down at such speed, that if a man is off with a cold for a week or two he suddenly notices that another one is gone!

In this case the missing bricks used to belong to Mattha Moore's old vegetable shop. Apart from greenery Mattha also sold an excellent ice cream - second only to Coghlan's superb delicacy. Many old Limavady hands will remember the special Saturday night treat though, when Maudie used to serve superb fish and chips wrapped in quality newspaper which contained old stories nearly as good as the chips.

How time flies!

A very long cow
Is it just our eyes or are cows getting much longer?
Digging holes into the Murderhole Road
The other road to Coleraine  

The traffic lights at the Windyhill (Murderhole) Road are doing their wonderfully annoying best to stop the traffic from flowing. The road is presently only open for local traffic because the waterboard is installing large blue water pipes.

Those who use the road regularly will know that the shiny new asphalt being dug up at the moment was laid down only a few months ago. Those who don't use the road, will probable have guessed the same, as forward planning does not seem to be part of the process!

An empty byepass
The Christmas Rush  

This picture of Limavady bypass was taken on Christmas Day at half past nine in the morning. Whilst our photographer took the picture he was passed by a single car - driven at high speed by a familiar looking figure with flowing white beard wearing a rather fetching red cap and matching red coat.

He was obviously speeding to an early engagement or - more likely - was returning from a hard night's work and rushing to get home.

Mind you - he must have had time for an early shower because there wasn't a spot of soot on him!


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