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December 2007

Two turned backs  
Newsbrowser to continue - for a while

After the editor and news-hound indicated last month that they were in the process of maybe turning their backs on the News Browser (see pithy picture on the left), so many e-mails from various parts of the world - including a small town in Northern Ireland called Limavady - were received, that the hound decided to carry on, so the editor had no choice but to obey.

As the spell-checker can't do anything without the other two's scripts, she decided to hang in there for a spell as well!

We thank our readers for all the e-mail and encouragement

Buick's swans? The swans are back

Punctually as ever large flocks of Bewicks swans have arrived in the valley. Believe it or not, they come here because they love our winter weather, after taking it easy in Siberia during the summer months. The Foyle estuary is an internationally important area for migrating birds and one can often meet fashionably dressed bird watchers stalking the shore line.

The birds - who look more like a goose than a swan - can generally be seen in Myroe, often - where else - close to the Swanns bridge.

You can read more about some of the strange habits of this bird if you follow this part of our scenic drive through the valley

Pothole Lane Hidden Places

The year's last entry in our occasional series of remarkable places in the valley not many people know, is Pothole Lane - somewhere in Aghanloo. It is our belief that this particular roadway holds the record for the most Ph/wsqyds (potholes per wet square yard) in Ulster - possible the world.

Potential visitors are advised to study the place during a very dry Summer or - if they are in a hurry - wear large waders.

A loud speaker Christmas shopping

Here is our by now traditional photograph of the joys of Christmas shopping in Limavady. It seems that no matter how pathetic the composer or how unmelodious the singer, if the song has 'Christmas' or 'Reindeer' or per chance 'Snow' in it - we have to either listen to it or stay away in droves to do our shopping elsewhere.

The latter ploy seems to work because our reporter - when he finally nerved himself to walk down Market Street during music-hour , did not notice any increase in prospective customers - trade this year seems to be very slow.

Pothole Lane Magilligan Jail

The government is to spend two hundred million pounds to build a new prison in Magilligan. The current jail seems to be the ultimate design for scaring away tourists and it is to be hoped that the new establishment will embellish the countryside, rather than insult it.

With two recent factory closures, many locals will be glad that existing jobs will be preserved and new ones created. Building is to start next year.

Tudor, the newshound Announcement

Tudor, our tireless news hound would like our esteemed readership to know that his latest adventure can be followed in black and white via the link below.

The Sir Walter treatment


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