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December 1997

The Christmas lights have been turned on in the centre of town. If the wind doesn't blow them away we can all see where we are going for once.

It is nice to see again the old favourites from last year. My vote is still with Wellworth's famous "Up Your's" Santa.

New Trees
The new management in the Country Park seem to be very good. I watched them planting a row of new trees today.

Makes a change from letting the greenery fall over and then wait for Martians to come to take away the dead wood.

Christmas Shopping
If you do your Christmas Shopping in Wellworth's, be sure to bring ear-plugs. The American Christmas music is so loud that it tends to blow your brain out.
The Town Hall Facade
Opinions are being voiced that once the town hall has been knocked down, the old facade should be carefully preserved and restored with a new building.

We can only agree with this opinion, and the idea of replacing the old building with a museum is a brilliant one, allegedly.

Is Seagate throwing in the disc?
Even though Seagate, who make hard disc platters in their site at the old airport, seem to be in trouble, Limavady jobs are said to be secure. A planned expansion in Stroke City has been put on hold, however.

Come on everybody, what are you waiting for? Buy some hard disc drives please! Now is as good a time as any to upgrade your decrepit system.

Pretty Limavady
The town has won the title:
"Best Kept Medium Town of 1997". Congratulations. Does that mean that the rates will rise?
New Hamburger sales outlet
A new hamburger hell has opened near Tesco's. Just what the place needs.
Slack business
Limavady's shop keepers complain that due to out of town competition, profits this year have not been very good.

Just shows you, they had me completely fooled.

Limavady United has been beaten again, this time 3:2 by Larne. Better not make a habit of it, boys.
My spies tell me that the rugby club are doing very well this season. They haven't lost a game yet. Last Saturday they beat Shorts 34-0.

Limavady United, are you reading this?

Limavady United has lost yet again, Distillery beat them 5-0. Very embarrassing,boys.
I'm a bit embarrassed to report this, but Limavady United were beaten again this week, this time by the Dungannon Swifts. The final score was 9:0, which looks a bit high to me.
The captain of Limavady Cricket Club has been made player of the year by the Belfast Telegraph. Congratulations Decker Curry.


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