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February 2000

Pollution all around

The Gorteen Hotel is at it again. Tasteful posters have been nailed to horrible trees and the town has been made made more beautiful by numerous bright yellow notices that can't help but impress all visitors.

Why would anybody want to stay in such a place?

An advertisement
River junk More of the same

The banks of the beautiful river Roe are also polluted. Everyone is so busy dumping black quarry dust on various paths that they have forgotten the main asset of the park.

Two men and three days would do it, boys.

The Backburn Park

This place of relaxation currently looks like an open cast mine. Huge machines have churned it over, large drain pipes are stacked in one corner and several men stomp about through the mud having the time of their life.

Rumour has it that they plan to build another playground for the vandals.

A big mess


On Saturday the 5th Limavady lost to Omagh Town by 1 - 2. I hope this is not that bad old habit again.

A lot of games were lost this month because of the lousy weather. But on the 27th of the month Limavady and Larne drew 2 - 2.


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