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February 2001

A speed camera sign

Speed cameras ahead

Another new sign

The positioning of this brand new sign erected beside the Ballyquinn road has intrigued our reporter. Why is it addressed to drivers leaving the town rather than those coming into town? After all, the speeding along that particular highway into Limavady is notorious. We have come up with the following possibilities:

  • They humorously erected the sign the wrong way round.
  • The sign is there to tell you that you have just been photographed and it is far too late to do anything about it.
  • The sign is a bluff.
  • Traffic really has to slow down when leaving town and drivers aiming for Dungiven will arrive there sometime tomorrow.

Only time and/or the RUC will tell.

Link FM is back  

Link FM, the two week local radio station run by students of the BTEC National course in Media studies at Limavady College is on the air again.

You can ring for your music requests at 028 7776 1024 or email them at Whatever you do, don't forget to mention the News Browser!

Most importantly, if you want to listen to the young announcers and their programme, tune your radio to 107.4 MHz anywhere in the Limavady area.

A bus station sign pointing south via the earth's core Bus Stations and Building Works  

Regular readers of this notorious publication will know that we never cease to point out new attractions and the colourful signs that draw attention to them.

The new installation on the left, which graphically points the way to the nearest bus station, seems to be part of the road widening scheme at the bottom of the town, near the Shenandoah bar. It is rumoured that tourists who wish to take the bus will be issued with free shovels, locals must bring their own or apply in triplicate to the town council.

Limavady College is building  

The office accommodation in Limavady college is getting a complete facelift and - once finished - the place will look much nicer.

At the moment the front of the college is somewhat altered, workmen walk about on the roofs and everywhere else and the front entrance has shifted to the left.

Students have taken all this in their stride, though some have voiced reservations about the new open-air toilet arrangements visible in the foreground.

The college front
Stalls in the Market Yard The Market Yard re-visited  

Miss Helena Hunt - who is of an age and an intelligence to know a good thing when she owns it, was in the national news this week. Television, radio, newspapers - you name it.

Miss Hunt owns a large garden close to the Market Yard and the developers made her a £250 000 offer which she could easily refuse. The council will now not only have to ponder what value one should put on peace and quiet, but also on how to re-develop the Market Yard yet again!

Where is our Chiropractor?  

Limavady's only chiropractor has not been seen since Christmas and his patient patients are starting to wonder what might have happened to him. Could he have moonlighted as a Santa Claus and got stuck in a chimney or has he just gone and done a runner? It is back-breaking work of course.

No-one seems to know the answer but it is hoped that his X-ray negatives have been left behind! Kevin Proudman, here I come.


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