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February 2003

Alexander Memorial Hall in Limavady The Town Hall  

The town council has finally decided to do something about the Alexander Memorial Hall. After a long meeting they agreed to replace the hall and four adjoining buildings with a brand new town hall. It is to their credit that they want to preserve the old and much loved facade.

It is to be hoped that the big clock will also survive this drastic approach.

A blue bin close up Wheel in the Bright Blue Bin  

Strikingly blue containers - like the one on the right - are starting to appear in the town. They are blue 'Green Bins' to be used to store re-cycleable materials like paper, tin and (preferably empty) plastic bottles.

This very laudable of course, but one wonders how well the new system will work. In theory every householder will patiently sort their rubbish into their standard black and the new blue wheelie bin. The council will collect the bins in alternate weeks: the black bin one week, the blue one in the next. Presumably some bright kid has worked out that exactly half of all household rubbish consists of paper, tin and plastic.

Apart from the fact that environmental 'green' habits are in their infancy around here, this means of course that those who have always separated paper, bottles and metal and deposited the materials in the skips provided in Council Yard, will find that their rather full black dustbin will now be emptied only every other week.

Blue bins in Killane Road It's been a blue bin day!  

We continue with our sky blue theme of the month.

Many streets in Limavady look rather strange this week - the first week when blue bins were collected. Very few black bins were in evidence and some of the streets - like Killane Road in the picture - looked rather surreal with their brand new shiny blue decorations.

Presumably we will have to get used to all kinds of different coloured bins in the future, if this craze catches on.

A strange construction True Purpose revealed?!  

The true purpose of that strange monumental water construction at the corner of Catherine Street and Market Street is becoming clearer by the day. The council is very tight mouthed about it, but we strongly suspect that it might be a new kind of umbrella stand.

It works, too.

The Danny Boy monument

Great excitement in Catherine Street


Stung into action by yesterday's umbrella joke, the Council finally gave the green light to erect the new town centre monument. The police and all the other usual gawkers were there to watch a brand new crane go into very slow action.

Our photograph shows not only the green light and the crane, but also the still shrink-wrapped monumental pieces waiting on the lorry. The two large bits are terraced sandstone blocks with the first two lines of 'Oh Danny Boy' engraved on their noble surface. What the round bit is is anybody's guess.

Apparently water will flow over the finished edifice. This will keep it nice and clean and offer the pigeons a welcome drink after they've finished with their target practice.

The new monument  

The initial reception of the Jane Ross memorial by Limavady's astonished shoppers was disappointing. Involuntary cries of: "Goodness gracious me." and: "Oh dear, what might that be?" were spiced with various humorous suggestions as to what it might be - suggestions which the family nature of this publication forbids us to repeat.

We would just like to remind everyone that the work isn't finished yet. Once water runs over it it will hopefully look a bit darker. A passing councillor assured our reporter that much more writing will be added to the rather short and barely visible inscription.

We can only hope for the best.


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