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February 2004


Watery fields Guess what? - It's raining!  

Locals will know what we are talking about.

There is only one piece of advice we can give to friends from further afield:

Bring large umbrellas. Several of them.


Fitting a non slip surface Finishing the bypass - again.  

There have been so many showers recently that it has been decided to install non-slip surfaces at the Windy Hill rabout.

The work produces so much smoke you'd think Ulsterbus was doing it. However, we have a small question: "Are there plans to actually finish yon bypass or are they going to futter around with it for ever?"


Entry to Limavady Guess what? No trees!  

Just when the birds thought things couldn't get any worse - what with the weather and all - they came and knocked down all their trees. You are looking at the entrance to Limavady from the Derry Road. The trees screening the Market Yard have been felled. It is not a pretty sight - let's hope the finished site will look better.


Snow What is all that white stuff?  

Like the rest of the Province, the Roe Valley has been given a dusting of snow - and there is more on the way - allegedly.

So far there has not been enough of the stuff to stage a 'downhill' in Downhill but up on Benevenagh around the News Browser's new offices we measured a snow depth of two inches. What will the weather gods throw at us next - rain?



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