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February 2005

A mantrap?
Town improvements  

Many people have wondered why Lidl's carpark is so full all the time these days.

The answer to the question can be seen on the right. THE DOE is improving the Connell Street carpark with dire consequences for the car parking public. It is not quite clear whether they are going to plant some trees or are building some cleverly designed skateboarder traps.

Time will tell.

Danny Boy wooz here
Posters posted everywhere  

All the large black poles that were erected recently are currently showing the same poster. Believe it or not, it has something to do with Danny Boy. At first glance the creature on the poster looks like something recently escaped from Jurassic Park, but it is in fact a picture of the much vandalised Irish wolfhound statue outside Limavady High. Mind you, you would need to have sharp eyes to decipher all that small writing.

Tudor, our famous newshound, when asked growled that he didn't like it, adding with a snarl: "Why don't they show a border collie? "

A strange symbol on the road of some kind.
Where will we shop?  

Many people in Limavady will know that Tesco's are planning to close shop, build a new shopping factory and open again in the not too distant future. The strange hieroglyph on the right is part of the planning procedures visible in the car park. It looks as if they are going to build a very tiny roundabout just about there. Apparently everything visible at the moment is going to be flattened, apart from the Post Office and the Tile Shop.

Those of us that love life hope that the new car park will be an improvement on the present one. It certainly couldn't be worse, could it?!

Tsunami relief night  

We have been asked to publicise the fact there there will be a Tsunami charity relief night held on Saturday, 26th of February in the Roe Valley Leisure Centre. at 7:30pm.

This is organised by the Roe Valley Independent Baptist church. Everyone is welcome.


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