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February 2007

Yon building site The centre of town building site  

This has been sadly neglected - one almost is tempted to think that they are waiting for another council to finish the job.

But just to prove that Newsbrowser looks behind the scenes, here is a photograph showing what it looks like on the other side of that big blue hoarding!

Building works near the Rabout The new water main again  

You are looking at the Aghanloo rabout - though there is nothing roundabout about this rabout at the moment. Notice the brand-new road surface that has been dug up to make room for the new water supply. Considering the by pass was opened only two or so years ago, it seems an extreme action to dig it to pieces already.

It's just as well that you and I don't have to pay for this waste and the generous taxpayer foots the bill!

Empty spaces The parking is a joy these days!  

Who would ever have thought that it would be easy to park your car in Limavady on a weekday just before noon in Main Street? These new traffic wardens have achieved the impossible and have really cleaned up the town!

Rumour has it that they even punish people not only if they are a micro second late in returning to their vehicle, but also if the wheel of the parked car is just a wee bit over the dividing line - but this is a bit hard to believe.

Isn't it?


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