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February 1998
Town Hall ... the story continues
The council have debated the demolition of the old town hall. They are all in favour but promised to hold a special meeting because of the show of public concern.

They promise to consult the public - my guess is they will knock the building down in the dead of night when no-one is looking.

To the council's credit it has to be recorded that the planned new building will have provisions for the arts and even a museum. Maybe they could put some of the trees that they are knocking down all over the place into the new museum.

Du Pont blues
Many people from Limavady work at Du Ponts Maydown works. The company is now closing down the Neoprene plant, shedding more than 200 jobs. I remember being made redundant from BOC to make room for that plant.
New Bus station has opened
The strange new round building, that blends into the Limavady townscape like a skyscraper in a nature park, has been officially opened.

I can't find out whether they shot the architect there and then, or let him get away with it for one more time.

Anyway, at least you can now wait for a bus and not get wet when it rains. Unless of course you feel - like me - that other people's taste in rubbishy noisy music is not to yours at all; in which case you still get soaked.

The new bus station
The red brick pavement
What I thought was an oil-strike right there in Catherine Street, turns out to be a civic improvement undertaking. Both sides of Catherine Street now boast red brick foot paths. It looks rather nice and is much better than the broken old pavement we had before. Mind you, during the current building phase a stroll to Market Street is a completely new experience.
Spring is coming
Spring has started early this year. Rather than wait till the beginning of April, many trees and bushes are already showing the first tender shoots of the new year.

Well done, Mother Nature.

Spring plant
Tesco is officially open
Sporting their new garish sign, the above mentioned shop has finally opened. On the day you would have thought that someone had called a town meeting in the place ... everybody and their aunts were there.

The shop itself is just like any other in the town. If you fancy venison, shellfish or anything else special, you still can't get it. It's a great place for baked beans however.


Limavady United 0 Bangor 1

This is getting monotonous

The Limavady Rugby team are doing well in the Smithwick's towncup competition. They have beaten Cookstown by 79 points to 7 and Larne by 25 to 20 and are now ready to meet Banbridge.

Good luck boys.


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