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January 2005

Lough Foyle at night
Remembering the Tsunami

A three minutes' silence was observed in many places in the valley to remember the victims of the disaster in the countries around the Indian Ocean. Our kindest thoughts go out to the survivors.

A very sore back

Back when the back comes back.

Regular readers of this dubious publication may wonder why there have been no reports about the rather bracing weather we've been having recently.

The reason is that our editor and reporter in chief has cracked his back and his horizons have shrunk to about ten yards ahead of yon walking stick.

See you all the minute his horizons widen.

Plane landing in Eglinton
Back to normal.  

We thought we would show our international readership what it looks like when you come to visit us. You are looking at the Eglinton airfield, rather grandly known as the "City of Derry Airport". The lights of Derry twinkle in the background.

A future building site Now you see it - now you don't.

Another old building has been demolished on lower Main Street. This one is just to the right of the entrance to the grounds of Christ Church. Notice also that since the bypass was built, the sign to LDerry and Coleraine points in the same direction.

If the rejuvenation of Limavady continues at this pace, they'll soon run out of buildings to knock down.

a clean house Now you see it - now you don't -- Part II.

Limavady's ever busy council workers can be seen all over the place taking down Christmas decorations. We were pleased to notice that they even cleaned up the old building mentioned in last month's dispatches.

Who says that nobody ever listens to us?


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