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January 2006

Roadworks Christmas Sales in Market Street  

Most shops in town have slashed their prices in order to get rid of some of the goods that were so courageously priced during the Christmas season.

Our picture shows a busy Market Street. We have included closeups of two of the pedestrians - twin brothers by the looks of it. They represent the fifty/fifty split in the mood of the shopping public. The one on the right has just secured a sales bargain at a third of the usual price. The one on the left has obviously bought the same item just before Christmas and wonders now why he didn't wait.

A moder piece of working art Building works  

We have commented on this in the past. Modern building work often produces a temporary work of art which is better than any of the more permanent monuments you can find in our town. The photograph shows Tesco's building site with the customary behelmeted art lovers on the left admiring a quite exciting-looking statement in steel and space.

Behind this creation the streams of Benevenagh gurgl in the distance and our art correspondent felt great regret at the temporary nature of this powerful rusty creation!


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