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January 2007

A Roe Valley Mist

Enjoy 2007


An empty loading bay Where are those terrified drivers?  

Here is a thing we would never have thought possible: an empty loading bay even though practically all other parking spaces are full. What have they done to our poor local drivers to terrify them into such unnatural behaviour?

After extensive research we have come up with these options:

  • The picture is a fluke and five minutes later the loading bay was full again.

  • Executions at dawn.

  • A uniformed busybody has been spotted and everyone is waiting for their mobile phones to ring and give the 'all clear'.

  • Limavady's drivers have decided to turn a new leaf and obey all parking regulations henceforth.

Take your pick though we think the last suggestion is a bit far fetched.

Snow on Benevenagh Snow on the mountain  

The first snow of the year fell on the 17th. It didn't make it down to the valley but Benevenagh looked its Alpine best.

Considering the local climate, it was quite a long lasting snow-cover. It must have been there for at least four or five hours! After the recent heavy storms, a few snow flakes are quite relaxing though no doubt the Winter hasn't finished with us just yet.


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