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January 1999

Gareth Houston joins News Browser
Hopefully the sport results in this paper will be more plentiful and accurate in future. Local lad Gareth Houston has kindly agreed to provide up-to-date information.
Limavady win two Games!

On Friday the 1st of January Limavady beat Carrick 3:0. They followed this success on the following day with a 4:3 victory over Bangor. Mind you, they had to carry the goalkeeper off in the 52nd minute with a suspected broken leg.

Greengrocer of the Year
Marshal Howe has been declared «Greengrocer of the Year 1998». I'm not exactly sure what that means as he is my greengrocer every day, but congratulations.

I would like to add my own prize and declare the place: «The coldest Shop of the Year» as well.

Vandals everywhere

Vandals have caused several thousand pounds worth of damage at the bus depot. Ulsterbus is very angry. There are increasing signs of destruction in the centre of town as well. Maybe the pub owners should have to pay for the damage.

Vandalism in the Country Park
A different form of vandalism has been committed in the Roe Valley Country Park by people that are supposed to know better. The nice lock, which was torn away by the recent floods, has been replaced, so that the old mill race is not flooded any more. The replacement job can only be described as the crudest bit of repair work ever done in Ireland - and that's hard to beat.

The terrible concrete monstrosity is topped by what can only be described as a mutated chicken coop, badly constructed, reflecting the recent passion for fences in what used to be beautiful woodland. Come on boys, catch yourselves on! Limavady can do better than that.

A rough job
The Festive Spirits
Christmas celebrations in Limavady must have been a riot this year. The police mounted a "Don't Drink and Drive" campaign - with questionable success.

45 percent of all drivers tested were above the legal limit. As far as I know, this is a new record.

Minister for Education visits Limavady College

John McFall, Ulster's minister for Health and Education came to Limavady this month and took a look at the college. I hope he liked it.

Traffic Chaos everywhere
Someone has decided to move Limavady's electricity supply underground and to erect new street lighting while they are at it. No matter where you go there's another building site. Footpaths are being ripped up, roads are blocked, traffic lights don't work, people curse and most drivers have to take to their helicopters.

This footpath in Irish Green Street fooled a lock of passing olympic hurdlers into having a race - which was won by the road works.

Irish Green Street
On Saturday the 9th Limavady was beaten 1:0 by Distillery. The reserves didn't do any better and lost 2:1 to Bangor reserves.

During the next weekend the weather was so terrible, that no matches were played.

On the 22nd Limavady United held Coleraine to a 1:1 draw which everyone agrees is a pretty good result.

The Rugby boys did even better, beating Portadown by 30:11. The under 18 won 24:0 against Carrick. (How's the nose, Alan?)

On Saturday, at the end of this month, Limavady drew 4:4 with Ballyclare. The next day they were beaten 1:0 by Coleraine - young opinion says that they were robbed and that the second half was boring.


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