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July 2000

Here goes another one Is lower Main Street falling down?

The houses at the lower end of Main Street are dropping like flies. After knocking down the majority of Tweedy Acheson's shops the diggers jumped two houses and are now busy destroying Mervyn Douglas' old property.

Mind you, whatever they put in its place can only be an improvement. I wonder who is next?

This is getting serious

The local "Knock down a House or Two" competition seems to have spread to Catherine Street.At this rate there soon won't be an old house left in the centre of town. This time 'round it's the two houses between the "Thatch", a favourite Limavady drinking hole and the fire station.

Will it be the Northern Bank next?

..and another one
Market Street Flowers Everywhere

The council has just finished replacing all their centre of town flower arrangements, and very nice it looks too.

It is always a pleasure to watch the boys going 'round watering the hanging baskets. On a windy day every pedestrian within ten yards gets an unexpected, if sometimes welcome shower.

Pedestrian Zones

Limavady's only pedestrian zone is a brilliant idea. Cars and vans are strictly banned and the shoppers can stroll along Market Street in the confident knowledge that they are safe from traffic fumes and delivery vans.

Witness this peaceful scene on the right showing the Market Street pedestrian zone on a busy Friday morning. I wonder where all the pedestrians have escaped to?

Limavady pedestrian zone
The entrance to the Martello Tower, blocked with disgusting red tape Tourist Attractions

It is nice to note that Benone Beach has won another blue flag. However, visitors to a famous tourist spot at the other end of that famous beach are in for an unpleasant surprise.

For several months now the entrance to the Martello tower has been blocked by several yards of red tape. The reason given is health and safety, but by now it looks like official inactivity. Visitors are left wondering why the place should be closed at the height of the tourist season.

The Heat

It is very hot in Limavady! This has been going on for a few days. The Roe has shrunk to a trickle and the fields are starting to dry out. In some areas there is so little grass left that the cattle have been driven onto the shores of Lough Foyle where there is still some greenery. A cowboy on a beach buggy watches over them - quite a sight!

The good weather has also brought out a pilot in an ancient sounding flying machine. Some people complain about the constant drone from morning to night, but just think how noisy it must be for the poor pilot!

A heard of cattle grazing near the Roe mouth


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