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July 2002

Three big stones A rather nice monument  

You are looking at what's left of the Dowland Road just where the new under pass is being dug. Here the road builders have erected a rather impressive looking monument that has considerable artistic merit! It must be the only example of an involuntary triolyth in Limavady and we think it should be shifted a few yards to the right and made a permanent feature.

The stones must have lain underneath the road surface for many years only to appear now to brighten a cold and miserable Summer.

Limavady Conundrum #7  

This one is a biology question. The Roe Valley is famed for its border collies and other lovely creatures, but did you know that we also have wild goats? So this month's question is:

  • Where would you have to go in order to study a herd of goats in the wild?

Please send your answers to the editor. The winner will see his or her name in large red letters and will be allowed to feel very pleased with him or her self.

On the ferry The Lough Foyle Ferry  

The Lough Foyle Ferry seems to be a great success. Even though the current rather old vessel is only a stopgap, it is becoming very popular already. The ferrymen report that every time they get back to Magilligan there are more people waiting. Indeed, sometimes there isn't enough room on the boat to take them all and some have to wait for half an hour to catch the next one.

Does anyone know why there are so many security installations on our side and none on the other?

Catherine Street The Streets of Limavady  

May we draw the attention of our weather beaten and exhausted readership to a new section of this amazing website?

Many Limavady exiles have suggested that they would dearly love to see the haunts of their more or less ill-spent youth. The answer to this request can be found by following this link

The page is by no means finished yet, but it is a start.

ADSL and Limavady  

Our editor received the following e-mail that might be of interest to other web-users in Limavady. Ryan Wallace writes:

" I was wondering if you could put a mention on your website that BT (in their infinite wisdom) have set the interest level for ADSL enabling the Limavady exchange at 400 people (you can check the current interest level on this site entering your Limavady telephone number. You can then register your interest (no obligation), perhaps some of your old students could help us to reach the target? Current interest level stands at 1! Surely there are some Limavady business people who want to move out of that slow 56k lane? "  

We can only agree with this and felt that of all the people in this town, visitors to this site may do likewise and wish to register their vote.

The picket line Council workers strike in Limavady  

17th July 2002

Limavady council workers have joined a nation wide day of protest to demand an increase in their rather low wages.

You can see the boys in blue on the right outside the Council offices. This means of course that there will be no rubbish collection today - which should lead to a very busy council yard on Thursday, when the do-it-yourself brigade will wheel their bins to the skips.

Two window painters Painting Windows  

These two handsome lads at work in Linenhall Street have been spotted painting windows all over town recently. As it isn't every day that windows rather than their frames get painted we offer the following alternatives as an explanation:

  • It's Brian Brown cleaning up the town.

  • There is no glass to be had anywhere in the valley.

  • They are putting the final touches to the Window Cleaners' Challenge Cup obstacle course. (With water proof paint!)

  • The Council is getting ready for the best kept medium town competition

It could be all or any of the above, but we like to think that it must be for the WCCC.


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