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July 2003

Four old boys stealing a greenhouse in Limavady The things you see in Limavady

A day or two ago these four old boys were spotted doing whatever they are trying to do. Several witnesses stated that they were last seen heading towards Willie Reid's house.

Are they doing a funny charity walk? Are they stealing a greenhouse? Who knows, but one thing is certain: They will all need a drink when they are finished.

The open bypass We have a bypass

The first section of the bypass opened on the first Friday of the month. The only section open so far is the section from the Derry Road to the Coleraine Road. The town link as well as the Killane link are still under construction.

Mind you, the effect was instantaneous. Traffic in the town is now a fraction of its former chaotic self and we turned from Protestant Street into Catherine Street without even stopping. It used to take five to ten minutes and on a busy day you couldn't attempt that journey without emergency provisions in the car.

It has to be said though that the east junction as well as the Derry Road junction are rather clumsy and there have already been a few minor accidents.

The open bypass The day after the 11th

The 12th celebrations in the area were held in Limavady this year. Thousands of people and dozens of bands converged upon our little town from all around. As you you couldn't park inside the town, the approach roads were turned into impromptu car parks. So many abandoned cars along the Coleraine and Derry roads haven't been seen in years.

All these visitors milled about the town for some enjoyable hours. Some drank too much, some ate too much, but all enjoyed themselves and it was a peaceful day, punctuated by all those bands with their flutes, accordions, Great Big Drums, bagpipes and what have you.

Great credit goes to the boys from the council road cleaning department who had the town litter-free the next day.

The News Browser ADSL for Limavady

Ryan Wallace - our underpaid communications correspondent - informs us that the campaign to bring broadband internet access to Limavady has been successful. The local telephone exchange is to be upgraded on the 15th of October. If you live within a five and a half km radius from Limavady you'll soon be able to download the Roe Valley News Browser at ten times the usual speed.

By that time, unfortunately, we will have moved from the centre of town to our new location just beyond that magical distance, so it's just as well that we only write this paper - we don't actually have to read it.


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