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July 2005

Benevenagh Mountain Hidden Places  

This month's hidden place is hidden only during bad weather - which means of course that it can't be seen from the town during most of the year.

You are looking at a rather inaccessible part of Benevenagh, the beautiful mountain that watches over Limavady and the Roe Valley - glowing in the evening light.

No waiting at any time What is one supposed to do?  

Regular readers of this wondrous publication will be aware that we are constantly on the lookout for silly signs - with which the Roe Valley is rather generously endowed. Our spellchecker Meg noticed this small but witty example near the junction of Catherine Street and Linenhall Street.

For readers who can't find their spectacles we have provided an enlarged cutout of the notice in question. The red hand points to the original. Anyone even vaguely familiar with the highway code will know that this sign informs the obedient motorist that he must not stop his car here at any time.

The problem is of course: What is one to do when the traffic light is red? Does one ignore the red light so as not to wait or does one wait and hence break the no waiting rule?

The driver who was parked here a tenth of a second ago obviously made his choice and jumped the light. What would you have done?

We nearly forgot: Here is a

link to our famous collection of Silly Signs

A glider above Benevenagh Mountain Last month's conundrum  

Various imaginative answers were received in answer to the question: "What happened next"? Some involved vicious sheep either attacking or indeed eating the glider, others suggested paedophobic grammar school teachers swatting the thing and one even suggested a government conspiracy.

Unfortunately the answer is much less intriguing than the above. In fact, the glider just continued flying, looping the loop or whatever gliders do best. The top of Benevenagh is one of the few places in the world where you can look an airborne glider straight in the eye. Our photograph was an unplanned accident and the glider was really flying along quite happily beyond the edge of the cliff.

Thanks for all the guesses!

Another silly sign What time of the year is it?  

This sign decorates the corner of Connell Street and Main Street. It stands just outside Lidl's in fact. It is a very nice sign and rather more tastefully done than most, but it got our editor wondering.

Either all the calendars in town are wrong or the powers that be are about a quarter of a year behind the times.

It could be worse of course. What if they thought it was Winter and started salting the roads?

The Alexander Memorial Hall The Alexander Memorial Hall  

The old place is finally being knocked down. Observers will note that the roof has gone, because a bit of blue Summer sky can be seen through the windows. Some sad-looking - now homeless - pigeons still rest in the round top window dreaming of the glorious past.

The facade of the building is going to be preserved and incorporated into the the new town square - whenever that is going to appear.

But see below.

Where are the builders? Now you see them, now you don't.  

Regular readers will possibly remember last month's article about the changing face of Main Street. Well, it's changing much slower than anybody could possibly have anticipated because it has come to a dead halt. Two houses up, two down and not a builder in sight. This is because the Planners stopped demolition, pending further paperwork.

Apparently the council clear forgot to ask for proper planning approval - even though the the "Northern Area Plan 2016" - which invalidates previous approval - is on display in the council offices and has presumably been studied by their experts in some detail. If those boys can't get it right, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Letters will have to be written to all the neighbours and the council will have to hop through all the correct loops before they can continue with the demolition.

We suspect that this story will run and run and hopefully equal the fascinating tale of the Market Yard sale.

A cycle race Now you see them, now you don't (continued).  

Here are some of the participants in the Danny Boy Women's International 2-Day Cycling Race approaching the famous Aghanloo Rabout.

We still feel that the name of this race is a bit peculiar. Shouldn't that be "Danny Person Women's Cycle Race"?

Watching the show The agricultural show  

This year' s agricultural show outside Limavady was very well attended. The weather was splendid and anybody with a liking for horses, cows, sheep and goats could spend a very pleasant afternoon gawking. There were also prizes to be won for various homecrafts and photography.

One of our photographers even won some prizes!


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