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July 2006

A wall painting Local Scenery  

The Corner Bar is under new management and some of the redecoration of the place has worked particularly well. We are not so sure about the lamps but the picture promises to be a good one.

So far we have spotted blind Jimmy and his fiddle, the Largy Bridge, Benevenagh Mountain and a large dog trying to jump across Main Street. Even the weather in the picture is typical - blue sky and lots of sunshine. We look forward to study the finished work of art.

And before we forget: That artist up there deserves a free drink.

The Leighery Road - or is it the Leighry Road?  

The pictures on the right show our editor doing some basic research in local road names. The first shows him on the bottom of the Leighery Road and the second at the top of the same traffic artery where it joins the Bishops Road high up on Benevenagh.

As has been said elsewhere, this must be the only road in Ulster that is so steep, it has to shed an E to get up there.

As usual, here is a link to our Silly Sign Collection

A fire Brush fire near Dungiven  

There was a large fire in the Sperrin mountains behind Dungiven at the end of June. The place was so full of smoke that you could hardly make out those big wind turbines on the right of our dramatic picture.

Luckily it rained that night for the first time in days and that seems to have ended the problem.

Line painters You have to draw the line sometime!  

Limavady drivers are much maligned - not least by this publication, so it is nice to be able to write about their cooperative nature.

The traffic light for the blue car is green and the fellow with the yellow jacket tells the driver: "We've just re-painted these white lines and if you drive over them you'll mess them up. Would you mind waiting for a few minutes." The driver presumably answered: "No problem. Hasn't the weather been wonderful today and have you heard this one ? . . . . . . .!!?!"

And they all waited for the paint to dry!

Sign painters Specialing in what!  

Here at the Newsbrowser we have always been in favour of inventing new words - we have constructed a few ourselves - so we are quite envious of the signwriter who produced the whopper on the left.

Wouldn't you have thought that one of those schools or colleges specialing in spelling would have corrected this little error?

The sun The heatwave  

The valley has been suffering from somewhat raised temperatures for the last few days. Springs run dry, pubs make a fortune, the Roe is just a shadow of its former glory and everyone seems to be in Benone most of the time.

It's been very hot.

We thought that the afflicted might like the opportunity to take a real good look at the culprit of all this heat: our picture shows Sol Prime just before sunset on the 18th of July 2006.

That's the one that is making us hot!


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