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July 2007

The show ground

The Limavady Show

The venue of the Limavady Agricultural Show had been moved at short notice to Aghanloo - but that didn't stop thousands of enthusiasts from attending. We can only hope that the change in location is permanent.

On show were horses, sheep, cattle, people, agricultural machinery and various home crafts ranging from baking cakes to painting them in oils.

The event was a great success and even the weather turned sunny during the afternoon.


Three views
Mystery of missing 'E' solved  

No doubt many readers who followed our report about the mysteriously missing 'E' in the sign for the Leighry Road have thought that the missing little devil just sort of disappeared into thin air, never to be seen again.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader (much obliged, Jude) it has been firmly established that the missing letter has attached itself to the sign at the upper 'Moys Road'. There is a wonderful view over Benevenagh and Lough Foyle from that place, so we advise our readers not to read yon sign for too long!

What is it with the road service and the 'E' anyway?

The Moys(e) Road

The lower and the upper Moys(e) Road

As usual we provide our discerning readership with a link to our famous collection of silly signs

The old townhall  
As one continues the journey one can't help but notice the wreck of the former Alexander Memorial hall bordered by two missing buildings. These were all torn down and then it was suddenly realized that planning permission was needed. At this rate there will soon be no buildings left in Main Street. The marble front and the metal structure to keep it all upright is tastefull wrapped in some torn blue plastic. What a sight!

The obvious question to ask is: "What is everyone waiting for?" though we won't do this, in case the answer is even worse than the question.


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