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July 1998
New bus stop in Catherine Street
The new bus stop in Catherine Street is finished, and it is one of the most elaborate structures in the history of bus stop design. Yon architect has been at it again!
Limavady and Drumcree
There were some minor disturbances during the nights last week, but in general the place has been blissfully quiet.
Don't hang about
There is going to be a hang-glider competition over the weekend. Expect to see the skies crowded with up to sixty gliders.

Benevenagh, here I come (by car).

Train derailment at Magilligan
A train came off the rails at Magilligan. This occurred on Saturday the 24th. Cattle had strayed onto the line. No one was hurt, thanks to a quick witted driver who went back and warned all the passengers to get ready for the impact.
Off the rails
Meg with binos

As usual in such cases, the nosy parkers weren't far away!

The new Leisure Centre
Work is progressing well on the site of the old, soon to be new, Leisure Centre. The new buildings are huge.

It is estimated that if every person in Limavady went on the dole tomorrow, the new place of leisure would hold and entertain them all, with ease. Building for leisure

That Blue Flag
The blue flag has been hoisted again just beside the toilets at Benone. (This fine nosed reporter can't help wondering whether the positioning is a political comment.)

The blue flag

Having missed the opening ceremony I must assume that wild talk of an outbreak of sleeping sickness in Limavady is surely just co-incidental?

The weather

Opinion about this rainy subject has been divided into three distinct opinions in town.

  • There hasn't been any!
  • There has been far too much of it!
  • Unprintable even on the web!!!!

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, below are a thousand words about the weather in Limavady on the 30th of July 1998.

Rainy July
The anglers' delight
The fishing in the Roe is very good this year, which delights the anglers and poachers, but is bad news for the salmon. Over a thousand fish have been counted so far, and I can confirm that the result of all this labour tastes as good as ever.

This was also the opinion of a seal, which made it all the way up the Roe in hot pursuit of his dinner.


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