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July 1999

Good bye copper

Another bit of Limavady history is coming to an end. The town was one of the first to be wired for electricity, thanks to old man Ritter and his power station. I know people that can still remember the cut-outs fitted to every house in town. The minute you drew too much power, all the lights in the house would suddenly start flashing until the load was reduced.

Now that the centre of town has been refurbished and services are underground, the tracks of wire that have been travelling from house to house for the last 100 years or so are being salvaged for scrap. Overall it looks much better than before, but I bid a fond good bye to a silent chapter of local history. I hope they leave at least a little bit so that future generations can marvel at our primitive ways.

The old wiring
The long reach of the web

Derek Moore from Kentucky is staying in Limavady at the moment. You may have thought you were safely out of the way, Derek, but Mike, Sandra and Leigh Ann send their greetings to you and the McHaffies.

Have you noticed the weather?

A strange round yellow object has been spotted in the sky above Limavady. It is very hot and pleasant to be under and everyone is talking about it.
The Armagh planetarium says it's called 'The Sun'. Whatever will they think of next?

Boy with baton The 12th

The 12th of July celebrations were held in Limavady this year and lots of bands came from all over North Derry to march through the town. People had a lot of fun and dumped lots of litter all over the place, which was removed by the boys from the council in record time!

Everything was very quiet, except for some of the bands, who could possibly benefit from some music lessons. Having said this, some of the older bands were very good and melodious indeed.

Most people had a good time and enjoyed walking up the middle of Catherine Street, wondering where all the cars had gone to. Junk food traders from all over the place had descended in considerable numbers and conducted a brisk business. All the main roads in town were flagged and it was all over by six o'clock.

That blue flag

During what must have been a riveting ceremony another blue flag was hoisted at Benone Beach. This flag is awarded annually by the European Union and is only given to Beaches where the environment isn't actually harmful to the holiday makers' health.

Benone Beach has been given this honour for quite a few years now. Don't let it get to your heads, boys.

Building works have started again

Now that the builders' holiday known locally as the "Derry Fortnight" is over, the dust and noise of resumed civil improvement activities have returned to Main Street. All I can say is:"Hurry up and get it over with."

It is nice to be able to report that the town planners haven't lost their sense of fun. In a humorous attempt to make the traffic chaos in Main Street even worse, they are planning to introduce "Reverse Parking", which means that one will only be able to park one's car by reversing into the roadside parking space - against the flow of traffic.

A similarly brain damaged scheme is already in force outside the council offices. The new scheme should - considering the poor driving ability, poorer aim and total disregard for traffic regulations of the average Limavady driver - prove delightfully frustrating.

Town improvements


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