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June 2000

Building works

The end of the Country Park.

Weird Works in Country Park
The strange new road leading to the Carrick flats has suddenly acquired a purpose. Heavy machinery descended the roadway to help re-construct the old weir.

On the right the builders are voicing surprise at how much the Roe has risen overnight, which tempts this reporter to hope that they might be in for an adventurous summer!

Water, water

"Man sur, that's a qware lock a watthur."

A new Start
What used to be Wellworth and is now a formerly handsome building in a new guise had a grand opening today on the 1st of June. Wild rumours that the booze would be free proved totally unfounded, but good luck and happy prospects to all who work and shop there.

On the right is a picture of the new look establishment. And don't they spell "Super" really well?

Art Exhibition in Limavady College

The college's annual art exhibition is in full swing in the West Wing. All visitors are welcome and lovers of art have been visiting the place in droves. It was opened on Monday by Professor Roebuck from the Ulster University in the presence of the newly appointed college principal, Dr Anne Heaslett.

All works exhibited are for sale and the colourful display is well worth admiring.

The art exhibiton
Several shutters
Signs of the Times

This reporter is old enough to remember the days when you could dander down Market Street and do some window-shopping - not that you ever bought a window.

Due to Limavady's hooligan problem those days seem to have gone for good. The shutters come down at night and during the weekend, making the place look rather forbidding.

A Jazz Band
Yet another Parade in Town

The Limavady Jazz and Blues festival began on the 10th. Proceedings started the customary half hour late and quite a cheerful crowd had gathered. Some of the floats were very good, and the the jazz band that led the parade was superb. Congratulations!

The parade ended with a strange float from the Gorteen Hotel featuring a band that couldn't play and several huge loudspeakers. They obviously hadn't a clue what the whole thing was about because they blasted loud recorded rock music at the astonished onlookers: not a note of either Jazz or Blues. The racket drowned out all the nice jazz and music lovers were left looking rather blue with rage.

Another sign

This paper has often drawn the attention of its readership to some of the marvellous notices that seem to sprout out of the ground all over the town, usually forbidding something enjoyable.

Here is another astonishing example. This one is from the top end of the Country Park. Not only does it display the true artistic skills of a master calligrapher, but it also manages to impress the viewer with the graphic reality of just why the path is closed.

Keep out
Building a weir
Building a weir

The improvement of the Carrick flats is going on a pace. The mighty Roe has been reduced to flowing through two large pipes and the adventurous walker has a new bridge across the river - as long as you come after five when the builder boys are gone.

The work is progressing very fast and I say this for the workmen: They do like border collies.

The Tennessee Ulster Project

The Roe Valley News Browser has received an e-mail from Tennessee to draw attention to the Tennessee Ulster Project. This enables young people from Limavady stay with American families and gives young Americans the chance to sample the charms of Limavady. (A wonder any of them ever return home!).

The project has a website and they promise to publish photos nearly every day.


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