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June 2001

Bright new Colours

The rebuilding of the Tech's reception area is nearly finished and as an added touch the old building has received a new coat of paint. The overall effect can only be described as 'striking'.

In the experience of this reporter, never in the history of educational refurbishment, have so few good-natured painters received so much stick from so many lecturers!

As for the inside. It seems that people haven't really got the hang of walking over the new floor as yet, but we feel sure that this will change as their courage improves.
The new reception area The new coat of colour

The minister for F+H eductaion Minister visits Limavady College.

Dr. Sean Farren, minister for Further and Higher Education had heard about Limavady College's change of colours and came to have a look himself. While opening the new reception area he held a brilliantly short speech indicating that his department was aware of the crummy accommodation offered to the students and promised to do much better in the future.

He then inspected the college and as you can see, he met some of the computing students who showed off their recently completed web-sites. He then admired the famous totem pole in Room 42 before continuing with his tour.

Lidl offer bargain rear wheel ornaments

The tasteful rear wheel car decoration shown in the picture can be had from Lidl's for only £49.99, that is less than a third of what you would have to pay for one of equal quality and colour in London or Manchester!

There are those who think that this is just a lidl bluff, because there is only ever one car clamped and this is done first thing in the morning when the staff arrive and no-one ever sees the vehicle dragged away.

The message is obvious: If you want to park here, buy a 10p bar of chocolate and it will still be cheaper than the public car park next door.

A wheel clamp

Harold Gough Farewell Harold

Harold Gough has died. He was 89 years old and died on the 6th of this month. Readers of this page who live in distant lands and had an interest in Limavady and its history will remember the name, as Harold - via this site - gave expert advice on all aspects of Limavady history. Advice which was generously and freely given.

I would like to pay tribute to a good man.

The Limavady Jazz and Blues Festival

The famous festival started on Friday, but the public beginning was this Saturday at 11 o'clock. This was the bar-persons race and true to form, they stared punctually at 11:30. Thankfully some kind person turned off the over-amplified music that has been making life hell in the centre of town - giving jazz a bad name - so that Junior Devlin could start the race.

The contestants had to transport a glass of blue liquid from one end of Market Street to the other and believe it or not, one of them won.

Three racing bar persons
An ugly blue sign at Gortmore

A sorry blue sight.

Why is it there - and why is it blue?

The view from the Gortmore picnic area must be one of the most spectacular in all of Ireland. On a good day the astonished eyes of the visitor can roam from Scotland and Ballycastle to the hills of Donegal and up Lough Foyle to Derry and beyond. To the left stands noble Benevenagh protecting the Roe Valley and below is the sprawling Magilligan peninsula.

Just why the Royal Bank of Scotland felt the urge to erect this ridiculous signpost and why they positioned it to spoil one of the grandest views in the province is anyone's guess. The monster is dedicated to any stray cyclists that might have managed to push their bikes up to the viewing point. Why these athletes should be unaware of the fact that Limavady is downhill to the South and Castlerock via Downhill downhill to the North is not quite clear. Anybody that got that far on a bike is bound to know where they are going and will presumably lean the bike against the fence rather than make use of those ugly blue rails.

The Country Park is On-Line again

Good news for dog-walkers, joggers and others: The top half of the Country Park has been unblocked to all humans. Our intrepid reporter investigated immediately and found that nothing much has changed. This part of the park has been closed for about four month and in the meantime various grasses have tried to colonize the paths. The vigour of vegetation around the picnic table shown on the right has to be seen to be believed. But worry not, the girls and boys from the Country Park centre are snipping away at riotous vegetation like good ones!

The only one disappointed with this development is Henry the bad tempered heron, who thought that he had finally driven away all these noisy humans and that this part of the river belonged to him.

Henry on a stone
A lot of grass around a picnic table

The first picnic table as the crow flies - or indeed the jogger jogs.

Don't worry, the grass will be gone by the time the weather is good enough to make proper use of this lovely spot.

Mystery of missing Limavady Summer finally solved!

People in Limavady often complain about the weather. This is done for entirely justifiable reasons. Often we complain about the rain - if there isn't too much of it there is too little - but the complaint one hears most often is: "Where has the Summer gone? We haven't had a Summer at all this year".

The News Browser's star reporter has finally solved the problem when he stumbled across the sign on the right. How can there be a Summer if shops sell it the year before it is due? Presumably high powered holiday firm executives from Italy and Spain come to Limavady every year and buy our Summer - at a discount - and the rest of us have to make do with what is left over.

For fans of silly signs, here is a link to the entire collection

Sign saying: Summer 2002 for sale

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