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June 2006

Ballykelly airfield Ballykelly army camp is to close  

The government has announced that Shackleton Barracks is to close in two years' time. The place was built during the Second World War when Limavady airfield proved to be too small for the larger bombers of the time and the new airbase was built in Ballykelly.

The news will come as a shock to the management of City of Derry airport. What if another jet lands in Ballykelly by mistake and they have to tow the exit steps down the road to let the poor passengers off the plane, only to find that there is no-one there to open the gates?

A yoghurt pott Know your greens and blacks  

This strange looking yoghurt container was recently purchased in a local supermarket. After pondering the matter for a while we came up with the following possible explanations:

  • Due to global warming all fruits and vegetables have changed their shape or colour - possibly both.

  • All plants on the planet have recently been re-classified and the Newsbrowser wasn't told.

  • There is an educational abnormality in Tesco's yoghurt department.

However, to show that they are not alone, here is a link to our Silly Signs collection.

Market Street in Limavady What about that heat?!  

Summertime seems to have arrived just in time for Limavady's famous 'Jazz and Booze Festival'. The temperature has risen to 26C, all coats and jumpers have disappeared and if you didn't get burned the last time we had some sun - now is your chance.

The picture shows Market Street in all its heated glory.

Two missing houses The new townhall  
The two half demolished houses in Main Street have finally disappeared. Either the horrific storms we've been having recently have knocked them down or the council have at last managed to pull one brick from underneath the other.

Hopefully the actual building of the new development will be much speedier than the clearing of the site.


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