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June 1999

Summer has gone

You wouldn't believe the weather at the moment. Cold, arctic wind, the central heating on all day and even the dog isn't hot.


Festival time

There is going to be a harp playing festival and a jazz festival in town, more or less at the same time. It occurs to this reporter that if the two persuasions could combine, we could have a marvellous concerto somewhere in Limavady.

The building works everywhere

The editor of this paper would like to make a public retraction. We do not have building works in Limavady, how could one ever have even thought such a thought. However, the environmental improvement scheme currently underway is progressing well.

Art exhibition in Limavady College

The art classes of Limavady College are showing their work this week. The official opening was on the 7th of June in the West Wing and some, if not most of the stuff is quite outstanding.

Several works of art were purchased, witness the haggling going on on the right were Mark is trying to flog his New York picture to the boss of the college. (He succeeded, too)

Flogging a picture
A new roof

The rugby club building, home of many memorable booze ups, which lost its roof during one particularly stormy evening, is being re-roofed. Luckily they are replacing the old flat roof with a much nicer looking pitched affair this time round.

A new roof
Getting ready The Limavady Jazz Parade

This famous festival started on Friday evening. There was a massed band of nearly six musicians as well as the traditional funeral party carrying the coffin of an un-dead.

The band assembled at the bottom of Protestant Street and four rockets signalled the start of this popular festival.

Fire .....

Cyril lights the fire sticks.

The funaral party

The funeral party

The band

Down the road they go

The parade

Bye bye

Next day there was live music in Market Street. The band wasn't as good as the one on the previous evening because they needed amplifiers. They played very loudly at the Wellworth end of the street whilst a beloudspeakered car at the other end of the street blared out a spirited challenge. When finally an orange band paraded down Main Street blasting away with all their might, the total effect of this cacophony could only be described as surreal.

I'm already looking forward to next year's event.

Green Catherine Street

A big new tree

The shade of mighty trees

In the past this newspaper has often poked fun at those in power - and serves them right too. This time round we want to congratulate the town planners. Rather than get rid of the few remaining trees in the centre of town, they are planting more. It started with the facelift of Catherine Street (seen on the top left) and is continuing down Main Street.

The new trees in Main Street are quite the largest seedlings we have ever seen. It took several brave men and a crane to set each one of them into its specially built planter.

I can only congratulate the people in the council offices. The town is starting to look the part, as they say. I never knew that this is what is meant by the term: "Green Council"!

Potted Flowers

Market Street, Main Street and parts of Catherine Street are looking very well these days. The traders have decided to beautify their premises with flower baskets in order to make the town look more attractive. It works, too. The place definitely looks nicer!

I can't help feeling that this is good business for those who sell flowers. Here you can see Marshal Howe and his son John, the white asparagus expert beneath some of the flower baskets they sold to themselves. One can't see it, but I bet anything that they are smiling from ear to ear.

Flower pots


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