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March 2001

The closed entrance to the Country Park Foot and Mouth disease closes Country Park  
The Roe Valley Country Park has been closed until further notice. This is a precautionary move to try and prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease. So far the disease has not reached the valley, but it is early days yet.

Closing the park has of course major implications for the local jogging and dog-walking community. There are no easy alternatives, but may we suggest a virtual jog through the park?

Feel free to bring your friends.

The Lough Foyle Flyer  
Here is a picture of the jet that had to make an emergency landing in Lough Foyle some time ago. Damian Boyce, staff pilot of the News Browser and a fair hand with a digital camera as well, reports that the plane looks perfect but it will have to be transported to England for a complete re-build. This is due to flood damage.

The pilot declined to be photographed. Congratulations, Sir, you performed a textbook emergency landing. May you live long and never have to do the same thing again.

A de-crashed jet
Reverse of a pound coin The Pound in your Pocket  
The News Browser would like to remind readers that this year's new pound coins repeat the Celtic design from 1996. The different regions of the UK contribute their own theme to the reverse of the coin in rotation. The Northern Irish design has special local significance because it features the Broighter collar, which was unearthed in the Roe Valley.

Rumours that all local inhabitants will be given a free sample are purely speculative. Interested readers can learn more about this fascinating ornament by following this link.

The Alexander Memorial Hall  
There was a nice light the other day, so our photographer felt that it was time to remind us all of part of the town's history. The old town hall still looks splendid - if you look at it from a certain angle - but does anybody know what is going to be done with it? It was supposed to be part of a new development - which has turned into an embarrassment - and the old building has been left to rot ever since.

A roped off derelict building right in the middle of the town is not a good advertisement for the forward looking nature of modern Limavady. So please, if you don't want to tear it down, fix it.

The Alexander Memorial Hall
The old building Limavady's Renewal  
The old building between the Chinese take-away and the Thatch is to be knocked down and replaced by something more splendid. 'Roe Valley Furnishings' have already left for new premises and it is suspected that Daley's will tie up all their laces and follow that example fairly soon.

If the planned building is going to be of a similar size to the new building to the right of the pub, the Thatch is going to look mighty peculiar.


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