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March 2003

A sign The by-pass

The by-pass is starting to bite! This sign appeared the other day. They are getting ready to build the new roundabout near Aghanloo. Older readers may want to substitute Murderhole Road for that tame Windy Hill.

As far as can be seen, there is a lot of work being done on the last two bridges and some black filling is appearing on the road way. It really looks as if the thing will be finished on time.

Trust them to close the road just when our editor is trying to build a new house in the area!

A sign The Roe Bridge

Progress on the new bridge is what is known as "slow and steady".

This also applies to the rest of our long awaited bypass, which is going to connect the Derry Road with the Coleraine Road as the crow flies.

Variously coloured bits of surface material have been spread and large blue water pipes are being buried along the new road. The grass is already sprouting on the steep embankments waiting for a lock of sheep. The two other new bridges are so far only passable by people on very long stilts.

The previous article about the closure of the Murderhole Road was a bit premature. It has nothing to do with the bypass. The road service is going to straighten a bad bend in the road. Mind you, the road is still open and the sign has fallen down. We await developments.

Traffic jam The Road Fixers are back

Anybody driving through Limavady from Coleraine today, got a nasty shock. There was a solid traffic jam from the roundabout right into the centre of town.

The reason for this can be seen on the right. The part of Irish Green Street opposite the new gospel hall is being re-surfaced. Not everyone was pleased about this, but at least the weather was good.

Traffic jam The bypass

Work on the new bypass is proceeding in a totally new direction. We thought we would use this picture for a caption competition. We have two entries so far: Workman shouting to the owner of the house:

  • "Madam, would you please open the upper window so that we can lay this water pipe."


  • "Sir, give us £500 and we will test the new sewage pump somewhere else."
Can anyone think of something better?
The Result of the Caption competition

Runner up is Mr Gerard Harkin with:

  • "Mrs, stand back, oil central heating all the way from Iraq."

But outright winner is bound to be Dr. Frances McLernon with this offering:

  • I think the man in the house is shouting to the workman: "Are you SURE you have done an enema before, Doctor?"
Parking Where is the footpath?

Parking in Limavady is still a joy - walking on the footpaths on the other hand can be quite problematic.

Our picture shows a section of Protestant Street. Believe it or not, there is a fairly large footpath somewhere under all that parked metalware. This is not very nice of the drivers - where are our youngsters supposed to race their bicycles if the footpaths are blocked all the time?

A calf New life

We are in the middle of the lambing and calving season. The weather has been misty but splendid for about a month and the fields are filling up with new life.

This wee character was fast asleep in a field on the slopes of Benevenagh.


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