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March 2005

Bob Mullan's new place Building activities  

You are looking at the replacement for Acheson's furniture shop as seen from the Connell Street carpark. Work is progressing fast because Tesco's are waiting to knock their own place down as soon as the furniture vans remove the furniture from the furniture shop on their site and place it in this new furniture shop. We hope that this makes some sort of sense.

The carpark itself is being transformed at a much slower and official pace. We might actually end up with some trees when they are finished, which would be very nice indeed.

The one and only loading bay That Loading Bay  

Main Street Limavady gets reorganised every year or so and during the last renovation it was decided to establish a "Loading Bay". The theory is that a parking area the size of one and a half lorries is left free so that said vehicles can pull in to unload and deliver their goods. So that everyone knows never to park there the words "L O A D I N G     B A Y" are painted on the street and this has a sudden magical effect and stops everyone parking there.

As can be seen, the theory is not very sound because Limavady drivers just aren't like that. Around here if you leave a parkable area that size entirely vacant three things will happen within a very short time:

  1. Someone will put a skip on it.
  2. Everyone else will park their car there rather than anywhere else.
  3. Lorry drivers will unload just as double parked as everywhere else in the town.

One wonders what they will think of the next time they call a Main Street planning meeting.  

Thanks, Joanna, for jogging the ancient brain.

The Bishops Road Another silly sign?  

Regular readers will be aware of our famous Silly signs collection. Here is one for the true connoisseur of the genre.

The photograph shows the Bishops Road - one of the most beautiful drives in Ulster. The sign clearly states "Downhill" yet - as should be quite obvious - if you follow yon arrow it is uphill for as far as the eye can see.


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