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March 2006

Snow in the valley

Winter has come  

It has finally started to snow in the valley and the place looks transformed. Our picture shows Limavady framed by the suddenly very prominent-looking Sperrin mountains. If this weather lasts they'll be able to hold the next Winter Olympics in the Roe Valley.

We leave it to our local readership to guess where the skiers' Downhill would be held!

The blown top Have Tesco blown their top?  

Tesco's temporary supermarket has opened and what used be be Stewart's old supermarket has all but vanished. The new shop is nearly as small as its car park but it can boast the most unique roof in the town. This is formed by two layers of canvas-like material which are held apart by a steady stream of warm air. This of course explains the rather puffed up appearance of the new store.

An art gellery Local art  

A new art gallery has opened at Roe Valley Furnishings with an exhibition of works by local artists. Most of the paintings show familiar local views, others more general subjects.

If - like this newspaper - you like local paintings and - unlike this paper - have a moderate-sized wallet, you could do worse than to go down to Catherine Street and have a look.

A flight of Bewick swans Swanlough  

Myroe is a haven for various kinds of swans - particularly Bewick's swans, a flight of which can be seen on the right. Because the birds are quite heavy they have difficulty making emergency swerves and they tend to collide with electrical power lines. This can kill the swan and may turn your power off if you live in the area.

The Roe mouth is a bird sanctuary and Bewick's swans winter here after spending the summer in Siberia. Our editor, with the help of a giant telescope, counted more than 250 of them just the other day. These wonderful birds look like a swan that tries to look like a goose but doesn't quite make it. Each swan has a black and yellow bill pattern that is as unique as a human fingerprint.

The electricity service says that they know there is a problem but that it is difficult to solve. We can only assume that they don't put the power lines underground because they don't want to annoy the moles!


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