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March 1998
Winter has come
We have finally had some snow in the valley. The Sperrins are covered with the stuff and even the town got a dusting. The cold interlude lasted for about two to three days.

It's back to normal now - wind and rain.

The red bricked town improvement
They are getting on famously with re-decorating the town. Nearly all the footpaths down both sides of Catherine Street have been finished. Two new pedestrian crossings are in the process of gestation and believe it or not, they have even planted three small trees.

I can't help wondering how long the greenery will last, given the council's past botanical record.

The tale of the Town Hall
The council can't make up its mind if the building should be knocked down or not. During the last council meeting the decision was deferred again.
Country Park improvement
One of the wardens in the Country Park took a stroll along the lake. He suddenly had that sinking feeling and wet feet. Hence the current feverish activity. Miniature dumpers roam the woods, tiny little JCBs attack joggers and the mud is a foot deep. It quite reminds me of That Night!
Men at work
The pond has needed a cleanout for a long, long time so I am all in favour of doing the job. However, I have the sneaking suspicion that draining the pond by hand is hardly the best allocation of manpower resources. Why not pull the plug, boys?
One man with a bucket
The men from Orange strike again
If you were a telephone company executive, keen to improve the look of a small town, where would you plant your repeater masts? Correct! Right smack in the middle of the place. And serves the idiots right.

Those who gave permission to knock down trees have also given permission to erect this civic improvement and visual focus point. Richard Branson, you better watch out when next you visit Limavady, this one has a sharp point.

Orange mist
Mountain men in the Country Park
The main news this week is that the scheme to keep mountain bike riders off the footpaths of the Country Park, has not been the unqualified success it deserves to be.

Rather than just ride along like maniacs, endangering pedestrians and the odd dog, they now threaten to throw protesting invalids in to the river - wheelchair and all.


Limavady United 3 Carrick Rangers 0

Limavady United managed another win this week. Well done.If this goes on I will have to change my tone.

Limavady United got clobbered again

Limavady United lost 2 : 0 to Ballyclare Comrades. I believe they may be in serious trouble if they lose again this weekend.


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