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March 1999

The Road out of Town

The sides of the Ballyquinn Road, which leads to Dungiven, have been planted with trees on both sides. If the hooligans leave them alone, the road should look very nice in years to come.

Thank you.

The Leisure Complex

Building work at the new leisure complex seems to have finished. The new place is massively big and correspondingly ugly. The swimming pool is already in use, the rest will open later.

The new leisure complex
Building works

The hunt for gold is continuing in Limavady. After digging their way down Main Street from the Court House to the traffic lights at Market Street, men in blue coats and yellow helmets are now working their way up the court house again.

It is to their credit that they are digging their way back on the other side of the road!

Tech students visit Seagate

Eleven students, had a stroll through Seagate's factory this week. Very interesting it was too and they liked the sign outside.

Outside Seagate's


On the 6th of March Limavady United was beaten 3:1 by Bangor. Our sports correspondent Gareth Houston reports that it was a very ill tempered match with several send offs.

Spring and all that

St. Patrick's Day was glorious in Limavady. Hot sunshine, blue skies no wind.

The next day was still sunny but a chill breeze blew from somewhere. Nevertheless, nature is trying to make a start and the spring flowers are starting to appear everywhere.

Spring flower The Market Yard

Discussion is still raging as to what to do with the place. An outside expert advised the council to just carry on trading bulls. However, the same man stated that Limavady has no presence on the web.

What else did he get wrong?

Open day

Limavady college has an open day on Wednesday the 24th of March. Apparently everyone is welcome.

Good as new

The fire station has acquired a new coat of paint, on both the outside wall and the door.

Very pretty.

Fresh paint
Roadworks Roadworks everywhere

Tue 30th March 1999
After having worked down one side of Main Street and up the other, they have started at the beginning again, opposite the Court House.

I think they are now giving the whole work of art the final polish, flower baskets. new flagstones and all.



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