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May 2002

In case you've missed it:

Limavady Conundrum #5  

This one is geographical - and comes like most questions in geography in three parts.

There is a black dome somewhere in Limavady.  

The first question is quite easy to answer - especially for those that live close to the dome. The second question is slightly harder. The answer to the third questions is for experts only.

  • 1: Where can that black dome be found?
  • 2: Why was it built?
  • 3: What was it used for?

Please send your answers to the editor. The winner will see his or her name in large red letters and will be allowed to feel very pleased with himself.

A crowd scene The Mayor's Parade
4th May 2002  

This great event took place on the 4th of May and thousands of people lined the streets - even one or two Teddies turned up. The fun started at one o'clock and this year there were more floats than ever before.

Eager crowds lined the streets and the people in charge of making Limavady unbearably noisy had planted loudspeakers all over the centre of town - again.

The old ones Young and old turned up - turned out - in the most amazing costumes and some of the youngest participants attacked the occasion with the earnestness and dedication to detail that it so clearly deserved.
The young ones

The mayor The day was a great success. The fun was increased by the running commentary delivered via those noisy speakers. The microphone was located in Main Street, but the broadcast was all over the town. So you could stand in Catherine Street and watch the mostly male Ardinariff flute band marching by, whilst a hysterical voice from the loud hailers informed you that these young girls had come over specially from France.

Oh yes, Mr Lowry, the Mayor was indeed present leading the parade. You can see him on the right looking happy and relaxed in a yellow limousine - safe in the knowledge that his back is well covered.

John Paul's Fire in Market Street
5th May 2002  

Early this Sunday morning there was a fire in Market Street. John Paul's, who where just about to open their new premises - the sign hasn't even been finished yet - had a fire inside their shop. This also affected Robert's and the furniture shop beside him.

The fire brigade was on the scene in time to prevent more serious damage. We can only hope that despite this setback, the shops will open soon and wish the all the owners luck.

The restaurant New Chinese Restaurant and Shopping Mall

Limavady has a new Chinese restaurant. We can't say how good it is because we haven't tried it yet, but the upstairs tables look very nice through the windows.

The place is easy to find because it is just down the road from "Super Valu" and opposite from "PETS R US". Part of the new building is a shopping mall and one of the first places to open there is called "U 2 can craft".

Rumours that the Tech is going to run a night class in one of the empty units called "U 2 can learn 2 zpell rite" are totally unfounded.

U 2 can have valu
Limavady Conundrum #5  

Time for the answer. Thanks to all who wrote in. The best answer came from:

Gordon Stephens

The dome can be found in Aghanloo. It is a part of the old airfield which was built during the second world war. The dome was used to train anti-aircraft gunners. A full explanation can be found here

and you can tour the airfield here. here.

A building site Alistair's old Place

The building that replaces Alistair Smyth's old supermarket looks enormous. It seems to be growing by the day and seems to have room for dozens of new shops.

We can only hope that there will be enough customers to go around!


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