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May 2003

Thunderstorm over Lough Foyle

Noisy May  

May was announced to the Roe Valley by some terrific thunderstorms. The picture shows one of them drifting across the valley. If you plan a visit, please bring an umbrella and possibly a lightning conductor.

A stilted conversation An Irish band The Mayor's Parade  

It is that time of the year again. The fun started with various entertainments in Market Street, one of which was a rather nice band playing Irish music. Notice the absence of noisy loudspeakers and percussion - these boys know what they are doing and they sounded well.

Elsewhere tall young ladies chatted to passers by.

A float For the first time the parade got started nearly on time, observed by some top-notch cameramen and quite a large crowd, considering how poor the weather was. The mayor got away so fast, our reporter had no hope of ever catching up with him.



The parade had hardly walked a hundred yards when one prominent councillor started to complain about either tired or cold feet. These marches fair take it out of you and walking all the way around the centre of town is bound to be exhausting - in the end.

Another float Watching crowd Here is another float, watched by the happy crowd.

We cannot show all the floats, but if you want to see a particular one, please drop us a line.

A duck

All good things come to an end and due to the rain, everyone went home very quickly.

Apart that is, for one philosophical duck spotted wandering past the Fire Statio, wondering what has happened to that final letter.

A Turn Left Now sign Turn Left Now!

Seasoned readers of this publication expect that our well-trained reporters never pass a notice offering free advice to a grateful public, without speculating: "What if I did what it says?"

The sign on the left can be found near the bus station. The trained observer will notice that any driver following this kind advice will either smack into that sturdy looking fence or - if he is a bit slow to react - find himself resting against a tree inside what used to be a rather nice shrubbery.

Here is a link to the entire Silly Signs collection

The last trip No more Ferry for a While

Today, the 14th of May 2003, saw the last crossing of the the Carrigaloe across the Foyle. After a three week extension of her seaworthiness certificate the ferry is being taken out of service. A new vessel is somewhere on the Shannon, but it will take while to get here. The end result is that if you planned a trip to Greencastle using the ferry - don't. There will be no crossings for some time.

Our intrepid reporter was there for one of the last crossings. As it happens, it was just about time to take the ship out of service because it fell apart in front of his very eyes. One of the hydraulic pipes blew and there was a 20 minute delay until it was very competently fixed by the boys in the black van.

Ulster Placenames

Dr. Kay Muhr of the Ulster Placenames' Society at Queen's University, will be giving a talk on Celebrating Ulster's Townlands. This should be a very interesting evening as Dr. Muhr will be discussing the derivation of the names of local townlands from Gaelic and how they usually related to the environment, flora and fauna or people.

The talk will be held at the Aghanloo Community Centre, Wednesday the 28th May at 7.30 p.m.

Rural development

The boys from BTNot only does the widening of the Windyhill Road continue its slow progress but more and more people are moving into the country.

Here is a picture of Charlie and Michael, the boys from British Telecom installing the telephone line to the new headquarters of the News Browser - high up on Benevenagh. By the time they finish this job there will be more poles up there than in Poland.

You are doing a grand job, boys.


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