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May 2005

Tammlaghtard Parish Church in the Roe Valley Hidden Places  

This is Tamlaghtard Parish Church with Lough Foyle and the mountains of Donegal presenting a deserving background. The old church stands in the foothills of Benevenagh and is well worth an admiring visit. Follow the old road to Magilligan and you are bound to spot it.

In the graveyard are some historic old gravestones telling the last tale of sailors washed up on the shores of Lough Foyle.

A wonderful place.

Here comes the voter Election fever  

Election fever is rife in the Roe Valley! Both national and local politicians have to be elected, thrown out or ignored as the case may be.

Our picture shows the hectic goings on outside a rural polling station. This voter seems to be in two minds as to where to go, but he made it in the end.

The central car park A new parking warden is on the loose!  

Many Limavady drivers do not like to pay for parking their car. It is one of life's little mysteries why someone who has spent say, £20 000 for a car is unwilling or unable to afford the 30p it costs to park the thing, but there you are.

Because the cunning DOE is aware of this, they have employed a new car park warden to haunt the town and it is only right that we warn his prospective victims that the new man is very keen.

We watched him slap a parking ticket on ten cars in as many minutes! Amusingly, since he started work he has managed to empty the central car park by about a third. There is suddenly no lack of spaces and the parking is a joy!

A message from Herself  

By various means, I hear of my past Computer Science students who are following their dreams - apparently across every continent on the planet too. Congratulations to all on academic successes - degrees, Firsts, Masters and Doctorates abound amongst you as well as business and pioneering (can't those kangaroos jump CMcN?) achievements - isn't it great and wasn't Limavady Tech something? Even projects (ugh), COBOL, non-negotiable deadlines and Hamming Code were worth the effort! I would love to hear from any of you via Jochen's link now that I am happily retired from being a very happy lecturer.


The proposed statue to the unknowable student. The above message to past students reminded our editor of all those splendid men and women who - during the last two decades - have fallen victim to the Luegs' computer teaching. These students' contribution to the town has gone largely unrecognized.

Limavady is desperately short of large monumental statues, so may we propose to adorn Newtowne Square with the design seen to the right. Let it be called: "The Statue to the Unknowable Student"


A hundred Gold Sovereigns to the last person to send us the correct name of the model.

Painting Owens' Decorating a pub  

Limavady's most famous pub is getting a facelift. Frank Owens' establishment is fondly remembered by many of our readers and the new coat of paint was sorely needed.

Notice the painter in the doorway? I bet that boy could teach us a thing or two.

Empty spaces Empty parking spaces  

Word must have spread around the town that the new parking attendant is uncontrollable. This is the central carpark on a busy Tuesday morning. In past there would have been standing room only, at that time of day. But look at it now - hardly a car to be seen.

If this goes on there won't be a need for parking spaces at all and the Department for Handing out Tickets can plant some more of those lovely trees.


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