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May 2006

The Valley Fame and the Valley  

Sean Trainor, the towns centre manager for the Borough Council, has asked the News Browser to help research an information book he plans to publish. The idea is to produce a small but handsome volume about the sights, history and famous people of the Roe Valley. The trouble is that so many exiles have gained fame far away from home and never bothered to tell the folks over here that few have heard of them. (Now there is a nice contradiction).

We would like to ask our readers to let us know of anyone - or any aspect they think ought to be included. Just click on the envelope below to make your suggestion.

(It was planned to illustrate this article with a picture of Sean, but our editor felt that - all in all - a view of the valley was much more relaxing.)

Re-bricking the old O  
Fixing the old Post Office  

Two talented brickies are currently employed in restoring the old post office building. The scar left by the removal of the Roe cinema has all but disappeared and it will be interesting to see how this splendid building will fit into Tesco's new development.

We suspect that standing on its own it will look much more splendid than before.

We particularly like the builder's helmet suspended on the right of the building. Nobody wants to wear these things on a hot day like this, and, if there is a sudden breeze, there is at least a humorous chance that it may blow down and land on the head of someone who hopefully is already wearing one..

Market Street in Limavady The heat  

The annual May heatwave has arrived bang on time. The people in the Roe Valley had been rather fed up with the recent arctic and stormy conditions. This sudden sunny weather gives everyone a chance to air bits of their bodies that haven't seen sunlight since last May.

Mind you, it is a fair bet that by next week the town will be full of people sporting the most terrible sunburn - and proud of it!

Tesco's old shop A brand new shop  

Today on the 15th Tesco finally opened their new shop and everything is reputed to be bigger and better.

Unfortunately most of the townsfolk seem to have attempted to witness the grand opening and when our reporter arrived there was nowhere to park a car, never mind any room to swing a camera.

For this reason and also to please some of our more nostalgic readers we publish the picture on the left - which is of Tesco's old shop.

Books upstairs Is this a silly sign?  

Regular readers of the RVNB will be familiar with our famous collection of silly signs. For some strange reason the Roe Valley is overflowing with these delightful objects.

Today's candidate for our collection demonstrates the point that it is often not the contents that make a sign silly - but careless positioning can certainly add an extra dimension.


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