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May 1998
Spring has come
After an early false start Spring has finally arrived in Limavady.The town is full of flowering cherry trees, the air is warm and El Niņo be damned
Pink blossoms
LinkFM and the Mayor's Show
For over a week now we have had our own local radio station on 107.4 MHz.They broadcast mainly some quite awful music, but also interviews with local people. The station is overrun by the media students of Limavady College and Damian (DC).

Evidence of their hard work could be spotted near the court house on Saturday.

A float
A roving reporter from LinkFM interviewing the best looking float during the Mayor's show.
Are people getting taller?
I have come across some worrying signs in Limavady that young people are not only getting taller, but that they refuse to stop growing at all!
A tall person?
What is happening to the Country Park?
Our chief reporter took a walk around the Country Park today,closely followed by the news-hound Tudor of course. Here is his report:

There are new fences and signs everywhere. Most of the fences are not there to stop people, but simple to look pretty. Unfortunately some of the planks have been nailed to the trees, even though it is well known outside the Country Park that nails can kill trees, because they let in diseases.

The paths, which used to have a rugged and natural look,are now levelled and covered with horrible black quarry dust. Major historical vandalism has been committed at one of the old mills. Where formerly one had to duck beneath the shaft of an old water wheel and walk right through what was left of the old mill race, everything has been boringly straightened out. The weary walker can now walk by, without knowing that anything special ever existed in that place.

I just hope all the trees won't be in the way.

Town improvement
While the council is busy improving the town by putting down red brick pavement,long street lights and some rather nice benches,private enterprise has jumped in with the perfect spoiler. Some cretin has erected an awful advertising hoarding in Catherine Street where Tommy Houston's house used to be. Not only is it ugly, but it distracts drivers just as they get into town.

Wanda, what do you think of your view now?

Don't buy this

The Carrick bridge
The Carrick foot bridge has been removed by a giant crane in order to be fixed for the benefit of anglers and poachers. Apparently its design is so unique, that even the DOE had to get in some experts and restore the structure.
Building activities
Now that Brian Brown's architectural monstrosity is finished and most people in town felt sure that he was bound to win the "Ugliest Building in the World" competition with this world beating entry; (the cheap aluminium pipe on the right is a particularly ironic touch)
An office block?
the plucky Northern Bank has put up a spirited challenge by staging a last minute alteration to the front of their disgusting premises. This has caught everyone by surprise. At first it was hoped that the damage was due to some wandering bank robbers, but I have been assured that it is a serious challenge to the hitherto winning UBWC entry. Only time will tell.
A thing of beauty


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