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November 2003


An ultra violet place New Buildings

It is time for an update on the endless building activities in the town. On the right is the new Gospel Hall. I'm not sure if the architecture is an improvement on the old building but it certainly has much better parking facilities and the gates look positively ironic.

The place on the left worships different gods and is decorated in a sort of neo neo-classical style.
One thing is certain: if you want to get a suntan in Limavady - despite all the health warnings - that's the only way to be certain.

The red brick Gospel hall
The new bin lorry ...... and a new bin lorry

Limavady has acquired a brand new bin lorry, you can spot it trying to hide behind the pampas grass because Tudor, the newshound, is greeting it in the traditional manner.

It's good to see this shining new bit of equipment because the previous bin lorry was so old and delapidated that it started to look like a dustbin itself. The new machine is also much quieter.


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Limavady signpost with a collie

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