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November 2007

This bull is not rageing This typical News Browser story

has been included only because without it a reference in the article below would be totally misleading and almost certainly pointless. Our illustration shows the editor consumer-testing locally grown bread with the help of one of our agricultural experts.

The photographer of the picture very nearly received a large bonus because the editorial team felt that this picture could have been used to illustrate nearly any newspaper article, if only the rooster hadn't got away.

The first News Browser News Browser is 10 (ten) years old

We feel certain that hardly anyone will have noticed the fact, but this unique local news medium was founded precisely ten years ago in November 1997. This is possibly a web record, but who knows? During this time we've provided quality articles - like the one above - several times a month and many of the photographs had some wonderful colours, not to mention the superb spelling of most of our scribblings. (Our extensive library of back-issues can be reached via the button on the top right of this page.)

To celebrate this depressing occasion and to find out whether it is worthwhile to go on for yet another ten years, we have decided to launch a readers' survey.

We would be delighted if our readers would write to this specially created e-mail address:

Click here to write to the News Browser

We would appreciate your name but don't insist on it, we don't care about your age but would love to know from what town in what country you write.

A waterless world A dry monument

It has been noticed recently that the water which used to trickle down the special mountain side of this peculiar centre of town monument has stopped flowing. The reasons for this are unknown but we would like to hazard our traditional three or four guesses:

  • The surprisingly gigantic new water rates we will all soon have to pay also apply to town councils and they are trying to save money.

  • They forgot to turn the tap on.

  • The man whose job it is to clean the green gunge off the stonework has threatened to go on strike.

  • It is a town planning thing. This way there is a waterless water-feature at either end of Market Street, thus achieving a pleasing balance.

Hardened Limavady observers will recognize a familiar figure walking past the work of art muttering to himself: "O my goodness gracious me. What a strange looking piece of stonework." - or words to that effect.
Inside the oven door A new decor

They have ripped the old upholstery out of the Oven Door and replaced it with this rather fetching number.

A great improvement!

Comet Holmes in Perseus Comet Holmes

As we know that the sophisticated readership of the News Browser likes to be informed about current astronomical events, here is a 20 second exposure of the comet Holmes, which is currently in the constellation Perseus. The comet is at its closest approach to the sun, but because  this is outside the Earth's orbit, it is still an excellent binocular object in our night sky - at least it is during the few minutes the clouds part during this time of year.

When we asked a wandering astronomer - who happened to pass the office - to comment on the quality of the photograph, he just muttered:

"Elementary, dear editor. Elementary!"


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