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November 1999

Limavady Tech holds charity day

The greatest college in town celebrated its 90th anniversary by holding its annual charity day. This is an old tradition, but it had been decided that this year's effort should be much fancier and even dressier than previous occasions.

It all started with the head dino, Tyrannosaurus Turtle saying a few suitable words of encouragement in order to launch the first part of the happy proceedings.

Brian Dino
Along the Roe This was a sponsored walk along the Roe, heading towards Radison's car park, into the Country Park, turn left at the brown bridge - unless you want to swim - and back to the college.

Nearly everyone took part in the walk and the calories lost during that march will never attack our walkers again.

Here is a group of young ladies marching along. Noble Benevenagh mountain is in the background.

After a five-a-side football game and another hard fought match between the first year computer students and a fun-quiz, the great moment arrived. The fancy dress parade through the town.

The police stopped all traffic and an unlikely parade of happy Tech students wound their way through the centre of town. A more detailed account of the march will be given as part of the college's website as soon as possible.

Afterwards the staff had a buffet lunch and took the chance to treat some of the old boys to some sorely needed food. Below you can admire three and a half principals of Limavady college (not a pretty sight).

The old boys
Fancy dress

Don't they look pretty?
An x shop Another shop is closing down

Market Street is slowly losing the battle against the big boys. Another small trader is closing down, there are several empty premises in the street already and it seems that Alastair Smyth is not far behind and plans to close in December.

Soon there will be nothing but boring old offices in the centre of town.

Greengrocer of the year again

Here is a happy story from the town centre. Marshall Howe has been voted greengrocer of the year for the second time running.

Congratulations and keep those shelves stacked high, making it not only the coldest, but also the greenest shop in town.

Marshal at the shelves

Main Street on the 24th of November 1999.

Notice the absence of any workmen.

That Town Improvement Site

Fans of marvellous traffic jams will be delighted to hear that Limavady's longest building site - in time as well as in space - is still active and threatening to go critical.

A journey down Catherine Street took 15 minutes today and there must have been a traffic jam from here to Derry. Main Street was open only for single line traffic which meant that every time somebody double parked, the queue got longer.

This must be the slowest building job in Limavady ever. Only those who are familiar with local builders will appreciate the enormity of this achievement.

Sensational Photographic Scoop for Roe Valley News Browser

The Limavady News Browser is proud to present the sensational photograph below. All the shops in Main Street have complained about the lack of speed in the town development scheme, which has the unfortunate effect of making their customers bad tempered as well as invisible.

We would like to present evidence that the scheme is moving forward in as pro-active a manner as human ingenuity can prevent. Notice the man on the left: dressed in yellow and strolling along at a leisurely pace?

He is the workman!

We feel sure that this news will come as a relief to most people in the town. "Come on Sir, now that you are back, get going!"

The worker
The Christmas Lights

It's that time of year again. Despite the rain and the hurricane, the council is attempting to give the centre of town a festive appearance. A great big tree has been planted outside the decrepit ex-townhall and all along Main Street the men installing the lights fight for space with the men who try to finish the road works.

Installing Christmas lights is not as easy as it looks, hence the discussion on the right. This year's decoration seems to be brand new and they finally decide to install it above the street rather than on it.

The Christmas lights

On Friday the 12th Institute beat Limavady 2-0.

Hey boys, we nearly won one. On the 20th Limavady and Ards drew 1-1.


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