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October 2000

A fisherman standing in the Roe at the bend near the Country Park center Fishing in the Roe

There has been a remarkable lack of anglers dragging huge salmon out of the river this year. Our roving reporter went to the Roe in person and asked a few of the camouflaged sports men why this should be so. All agreed that the fishing is terrible this year but the reasons given varied considerably:

  • There are too few fish in the river.
  • There is too little water in the river.
  • There is too much water in the river.
  • Yon boys don't know what they are doing anyhow.
Readers are invited to draw their own conclusions, but the editor of this paper would like to talk to any successful as well as legal Roe angler about a planned future article: "How to eat a salmon from the Roe".
Building a house

The building works in Catherine Street - next to the fire station - are coming along as slowly as no-one could have expected. Most days one side of the road is blocked to make a parking space for some big pointless building machine or other, at other times it seems to be blocked to make a point.

What happens if someone wants to use the letter box or the footpath is anyone's guess.

The building site in Catherine Street with the pedestrian walk past the fire station totally blocked
A rather horrible white building A new store has opened

Lidl opened their new store today and by the looks of it, they must have given the goods away for free. This picture was taken at 9 o'clock in the morning on opening day and the place was already full.

This reporter could not help but notice that at the back of the store is a free car park, right next to the public one where you park your car for 30p an hour. Far be it from me to suggest that Limavady people will take advantage of this, but ......!

Its that time of the year again

According to the trees in the Country Park, the Summer is over, Autumn is here and Winter won't be far away. The current wet and rainy weather only confirms this impression.

This paper has few statistics, but it seems that the Country Park has been much less popular this year than it used to be. In past summers you couldn't park your car within a mile of the place. This year there was loads of space all the year round. What has happened?

Autumn coloured trees in the Country Park
Winning the lottery

A syndicate of eleven people all working at Seagate, have won the jackpot in the national lottery and are all more than a hundred-thousand pounds richer - unless they have blown the cash already.

It must be something in the air, because only a few years ago a syndicate at Daintyfit did exactly the same thing. Congratulations and enjoyment to all of you.

Building works in Massey Avenue

The boys in the council have decided to make the one-way system controlling road rage along Massey Avenue permanent.

The work is progressing nicely - assisted by the expert admiration of Tommy Callaghan - and if the outcome is as good as the parking of the building machinery during the last week was bad, it will be a splendid job.

Tommy watching the builders in Massey Avenue
The Largy Bridge Creative driving closes Largy Bridge

Last Saturday the bridge into (or out of) the Country Park was closed - as one observer put it - they had finally done it. The bridge is a notorious danger spot as it is very narrow and meets the road at 90 degrees.

It really is surprising that no-one has got hurt here so far. At least car drivers are protected by a layer of more or less elegantly shaped metal, but the poor pedestrians just have a footpath about a foot wide and very little protection indeed.


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