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October 2002

Signs in the Country Park The Country Park?  

We haven't been in the Country Park for a while, because of all the unnecessary building works that are going on there all the time. But - during our last visit - we noticed that the place is getting more urbanized than Limavady itself.

As you stroll around the reception area you notice that it is nearly impossible to put a foot onto terra firma - there is more macadam here than in the centre of town. And as for the more or less helpful signs: Anyone who can remember and obey that lot will have trouble appreciating the rest of the place.

Presumably this is the price we all have to pay for progress, but if you see views like the one below, you start to wonder what it is all about. The place used to be so beautiful.

A view in the Country Park

Signs in the Country Park Lough Foyle Ferry service has been declared open.

With the speed and promptitude for which local government is justly famous on both sides of the border, ceremonies were held to float the new ferry. The boat has been plying across the Foyle for several months now - time enough for at least one serious breakdown - but it is the thought that counts.

Everyone proclaimed the venture a great success, though as can be seen from the picture on the left, business has slowed down considerably and this week there was at least one trip with only one car on board.

This is not only because the tourist season is nearly over, but also because some people seem to have found an entirely new and unexpected way of crossing the Foyle!

Tractor rising from the Foyle

"Tractor ahoy" in Greencastle harbour.

Court house banners Advertising

Some of the advertising banners that seem to be fastened to any unsuitable fence in the centre of town do not look very pretty. Some of them are downright dangerous. Our reporter was amazed the other day when when the big "Jesus saves" banner across Market Street tore loose and nearly did the opposite to a poor pedestrian.

We have an interesting looking court house - why not keep it that way?

Building a bridge

The Dowland Road Bridge

Here's a picture for future grandchildren:

"The day they built the new bridge over the by-pass, back in 2002. ... and what grand weather we always had in them good old days!" The builders say that the bridge will open around Christmas and judging by the progress they've been making, they seem to know what they are talking about.

Tom Pollock himself Calling all ex BOCers

Years ago - in fact more years than can easily be remembered - BOC used to have a factory down in Maydown and many Limavady people worked in the place - they may even recognize the character on the right.

Our editor also slaved in that place and would like to draw the attention of all interested parties to humorous article he has written about yon place.


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