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October 2003


The Windy Hill Rabout The Windyhill Rabout

There has been a lot of round-about activity recently. Work on the bypass had been proceeding at a rather leisurely pace when one day all the stops were pulled so suddenly, one could hear the pop. So many machines running around in so many circles driven by so many men doing so much overtime were never seen in the long history of Roe Valley road obstruction construction until now.

The builders were obviously trying to meet a deadline because they quietly opened the bypass on Wednesday the 24th of September even though they hadn't finished the job yet. For a while there were more JCBs and other road building paraphernalia than cars on the last stretch of the road. The rabout had no white lines and occasionally one had to drive around it in an anti clockwise direction.

Since that busy day work has slowed down again - the official visitors must have left. Hastily drawn white road markings have disappeared under new layers of macadam and it will obviously take quite a few more days to finish this final rather rakish rabout.

Hopefully they'll leave the roadsign as it is.

For fans of silly signs, here is a link to the entire collection

A sipping Bull Meet Sipping Bull

Regular readers might have wondered why there are so few news articles this month.

This is all the fault of our editor. Not only is he supervising the building of our new premises, but he is painting, sparking and plumbing as well. And now that he has discovered this new and fascinating hobby called "Hand rearing very large animals" we may never hear from him again!


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Spot the difference

May we ask our esteemed readers to compare these two recent signs. The right one can be found in Catherine Street and the other one disgraces Irish Green Street. If you concentrate your efforts on the brown section pointing out the Country Park and the biggest local hotel you may just notice a discrepancy.

The missing 's' was (or possibly wasn't) spotted by our famous spell-checker Meg, who can detect any typographical error blindfolded at more than 100 yards without even trying.


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