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October 2004

Entrance to the tech The new-look Tech  

Former students of the Tech living in far-away regions of this little planet may enjoy this photograph. It shows the entrance to the tech as of the beginning of the month.

Building works seem to have finished and the new classrooms must be very welcome. This writer cannot remember that driveway ever being so frighteningly free of litter for at least the last twenty years.

The Green corner Newtowne Square improvements  

Work on the beautification of Newtowne Square, i.e. the 'Central Car Park', seems to have finished. The group of fairly sizeable trees and the expert paving make a pleasing contrast to the rather ugly car park all around.

All in all it has improved that end of the square and it is to be hoped that what is left will get the same treatment. An uncomfortable seat

If we have any grudge at all it is that the seating provided is rather narrow, obscenely pointy and highly uncomfortable.

Entrance to the tech What are these poles for?  

The headline says it all. All over town in beautifully footpath-blocking positions these poles have risen. The one at the top of Market Street is still inside the wrapper, but when this is removed a tall black structure will stand revealed.

There has been some speculation as to the purpose of these things. We can only list a few:

  • They are mounting poles for security cameras.
  • Pedestrians in Limavady are walking too fast and it has been decided to install speed cameras.
  • Vandal proof hanging baskets will soon grace the town. Presumably the fire brigade will water the plants.
  • They are much like the uncomfortable seats in Newtowne square, only higher to give a better view.
  • They are what they are and have no further purpose.

Your guess is as good as ours.


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