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October 2005

Sheep may nowhere graze. Aghanloo again  

The annual judging and sale of the Aghanloo sheep breeders took place the other day. The weather on that day can only be described as 'foul', hence any smiles you see in our pictures of the event must be of the 'heroic' kind!

The event has a great reputation and the roads to Aghanloo were filled with jeeps pulling massive trailers driven by farmers weighed down by large wallets all keen to spend their money on some greyfaced yowlambs from Benevenagh.

For the exhibitors it was the end of a few weeks' hard labour. The sheep looked in splendid condition and this is no surprise because every one of them had a new haircut, a trim and even a colour job done to their coats. This reporter has never seen so many splendid looking yows.

Arnold's new tankard

Some of the triumphant winners are shown on the right. We are happy to report that the man holding the silver appliance is none other than the Newsbrowser's very own agricultural advisor Arnold Douglas. The lass in green is the judge - who had the good sense to buy one of Arnold's pens. Denis McCann won third prize and can be seen holding the yellow rosette. Due to a brilliant impersonation of 'the invisible man' the second prize winner is nowhere to be seen. Sorry Mr Alcorn!

A blocked entry Parking Zones  

Strange red rectangles have been painted on the tarmac of the Connell Street car park. It is not entirely clear what they are for, but they are very, very useful because they mark out the vital pedestrian crossings.

It is often not realised just how complicated it is to park a car in such a way that an entrance - say for argument's sake the one into Market Street - is so entirely blocked that not even a shopping trolley can squeeze by. This is in fact so difficult to achieve, that most drivers just give up and dump their car any old way. This is a pity, because it deprives passing pedestrians of the welcome exercise for both body and lungs, of having to to squeeze past the offending vehicle whilst cursing in an often amusingly loud fashion.

Having a nice red square to show drivers precisely where and how to place their car is a great help in such matters and will surely be welcomed by both the squeezing and the driving public. Well done, DOE.

If you like to study the many other traffic regulations that apply in Limavady (and nowhere else) just follow this link

The market yard The tale of the Market Yard - continued.  

The never-ending tale of the Market Yard has reached yet another climax. Regular readers may remember that said piece of real-estate was sold by the council after they decided that the farmers didn't really need it any more. This carry on involving developers, planners, little old ladies, farmers and the local ratepayers went on for years to the great amusement of those who make it their hobby to write about such things.

The yard was finally sold without pre-conditions and the developers snapped into action instantly and removed all the trees that used to grace that side of the entrance to the town.

Since then the Market Yard has been awaiting further developments. During the last council meeting interested parties were informed by the planning authority that the current plans for building lots and lots of flats would be rejected. The reason? Apparently there are very few planning guidelines with which current proposals don't clash.

Sunset over Lough Foyle Sunset over Lough Foyle

The weather  

Hasn't it been wonderful these last few days?

Waiting, waiting, waiting ..... The Alexander Memorial Hall  

Those readers who have a passionate interest in the fate of our farcadical town hall can be assured that nothing much seems to be happening. It seems that the planners are working as fast as ever and meanwhile the town hall stands there looking blue.

The poor old building probably feels that way too.


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