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October 2006

The town centre development Town Centre Development  

For those not able to drive through the centre of town on a regular basis for reasons of absence or indeed absent mindedness, we show an up-to-date photograph of the current state of the dynamic centre of town civic development. It shows the building site for the new town hall, museum and public relaxation area.

We know that there will be cynics saying that not much has changed since last week - month - or indeed year. But we would like to point out that the blue fence boasts a distinctly more weathered shade of blue and we feel sure that there must be other things happening not readily visible to the unaided eye - or indeed any eye at all.

Main Street Limavady in Autumn The seasons  

Nothing very much seems to be happening in Limavady these days but at least we can confirm that the seasons are still changing bang on time. Our picture shows Main Street on a quiet Monday afternoon. Notice that the trees are even trying to show some Autumn colours, though we must admit that our graphics expert has added some extra red to the picture.

Trees in the valley usually go from green to invisible and don't bother much with splendid Autumn colours.

Wild goats fighting Local wild life  

We know that our readers like to be kept informed as to what is happening everywhere - particularly though on top of Benevenagh, where it is all happening at the moment. We have reported in the past that the herd of wild goats gracing the valley's most beautiful mountain is doing well and prospering. So here is the latest news:

It appears that an argument has broken out between Billy Whitegoat and Billy Blackgoat as to who is to be the father of next year's kids. As yet the issue is undecided, though it is thought that Billy started it!

Noxious fumes Noxious fumes  

The town was filled with noxious fumes today - no matter where you went around Main Street you had to inhale the stuff. The fumes were caused by a workman burning off double-yellow no parking lines with a powerful gas burner. Burning paint and tar at high temperatures is bound to release some harmful gases - yet no precautions were taken to protect either the workman or the public.

Notice the van on the left which is parked where there used to be two yellow lines? Rumour has it that this is the first time ever that this van was parked legally in Main Street!

Where are the lines? Where are all those lines?  

Here is a sight that hasn't been seen for many a year: Main Street without double yellow lines. How the lines disappear is shown in the previous article - why they have disappeared is anyone's guess. We can only think of the following:

  • The road service is giving up the unequal fight and from now on Limavady's drivers can do legally what they have always done: Park anywhere and anyhow they like.
  • The road service has thought of something even more unworkable and we are all in for a terrible surprise.
  • Someone around here doesn't like the colour yellow!

The editor feels that it says something about human nature that now that it is legal to park at the side of the road, nobody seems to be doing it. Either drivers in Limavady are even stranger than everybody thinks, or they have mistaken the all-pervading smell of burned tar and paint in the town for that of a rat!


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