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  October 2007

Please use this phone

Phoning abroad

The entire population of the Roe Valley must have heaved a collective a sigh of relief when they learned about the new phone rates to some very popular telecommunication countries from this phone box in Main Street.

At these rates, even those of us who don't know anyone in Morocco, Bulgaria or Turkey - well past the holiday season - must be tempted to send  someone there so that they can phone them and take advantage of these rates.

One only has to watch the length of the queue forming outside this phone box to realize just how useful this new service really is.

Please use this phone

Market Street in October
Just to show those poor souls who don't have the luck to live in the Roe Valley what they are missing, here is a picture of Market Street taken at the beginning of the month.

The shadows are getting longer, the days are shorter but people still enjoy the place as they have done for so many years.

A devastated street

The holes in Main Street
Our reporter was strolling along Main Street the other day- as one does - and it struck him that the buildings in Limavady's main thoroughfare seem to be slowly disappearing.

The top photograph shows the gap left by the Alexander Hall and the two buildings next to it and the bottom one shows the yawning space next to the Court House where once stood a lovely old Georgian building. Even though there are still quite a few houses left one can't help wondering which one will be next.

Catherine Street is suffering from the same disease and Tommy Housten's old house has still not been replaced.

We feel sure that this is all due to too much paperwork though it could be a unique way of fighting urban sprawl.

The bright moon over Lough Foyle

The moon

Any of our readers who happen to look up in the night sky towards the end of the month and think to themselves: "Isn't the moon bright tonight?" would be perfectly correct. The full moon is brighter this month - in fact it's the brightest it has been this year.

This is due to the moon having an elliptical orbit around the earth and its current distance is 30 000 miles closer than it usually is, which makes it about 30% brighter.

You can learn much more about this via this website:


The back of the Seagate plant in Limavady

The Seagate plant

 Our photograph shows the back of the Seagate plant in Limavady - which is very appropriate because this is all Limavady will see of the firm after the second half of next year.

There had been many rumours that the plant was going to close.  These were always loudly and with great honesty denied by the local management. Now it appears that more than 900 people will lose their jobs - which is also a great loss to the local economy.


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